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Who is/are the most influential person/people in your life at this moment?
Difficult... with only a few exceptions it's often been books rather than people that were an influence in my life... For the last (half) year or so, un_crayon_rouge has been a positive influence in many ways, if saying that doesn't make me a creepy kind of stalker...

What foreign destination beckons?
Right now a nice, quiet beach somewhere in Turkey or Greece would be quite perfect... More generally speaking, Istanbul, St Petersburg.. Nordsee, Ostsee.

What are your nervous habits?
Picking at (or picking off) the skin around my fingernails; unscrewing pens, touching & playing with everything within reach on a table, candles, glasses, you name it.

How do you counteract the blues?
Mostly I don't, don't know how to. At work I try to keep busy, work off some of the frustration... Music, but often it only irritates me further; writing things down helps sometimes.

What texture describes your laugh?
No idea & not sure I want to know, either. It's certainly nothing elegant, melodic. Loud, if I'm really amused.

How would you describe the secret room within your head?
Spacious, with a high ceiling, rather bare, oriental carpets and cushions, a bookshelf, I guess; shady, but with large, old-fashioned windows opening on some kind of landscape.

What piece of music has most impacted you spiritually?
That's another difficult one, because I'm not a very musical person. Nor, I'm afraid, a very spiritual one. Perhaps the longest and closest emotional relationship I had with any kind of music was with NIN. However, the only time I ever came close to describing music as spiritual was after a tool concert.

What memories give you an immediate sense of happiness and contentment?
Hiking tours, being up in the mountains.

What circumstances make you unsociable?
More unsociable? Work, especially, but not only, during the Christmas season. After 200+ customers I don't want to see or talk to anyone. At all. The kind of social gatherings (family dinners included) you're obliged to attend but are really meaningless, full of trite, superficial small talk with people you barely know and/or like. Depression.

What sounds do you associate with days gone b'fore?
Some musicals have a certain nostalgic value, especially the bootleg recordings my sister and I made. I also find that many of the 80ies hits I grew up with, however horrible they may be, still have a very immediate emotional appeal...

What time of day is most inspirational?
Depends. Mornings; late afternoons/early evenings.

What events frequent your daydreams?
Encounters and talks with different people... both people I know, and those I don't...

What three words describe your present state of being?
Aware; shadows; unfolding.

What creases your forehead these days?
Irritation with co-worker

What color is sadness?
A light shade of grey.

What fills your pockets?
Keys, occasionally; maybe a coin for the supermarket trolley; odd scraps of paper with notes scribbled on them; at work, scissors, assorted pens.

What day would you relive, given the choice?
Would I have the knowledge of hindsight (foresight?)? Some day early in 1994 when I was on the slippery slope from crush to falling in love, and knew better, damn it. Video meliora proboque, deteriora sequor. On the one hand I'm a little uneasy even at the thought of 'deleting' an experience that certainly had a major impact on my life, on the other hand in this particular case it just might be worth the try if it were possible.

What conversation will you likely never have?
I'm beginning to suspect, the one where I tell someone I love him/her with any reasonable expectation of having the feeling returned.

[Sorted the travel guides, got side-tracked browsing through the Mauritius one, probably with an inane fangirlish smile on my face, judging from co-worker's comment about where my thoughts were. |facepalm|]



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Oct. 23rd, 2004 09:25 am (UTC)
Likewise- about the influence, I mean, und sonst auch...

And- not spiritual? I beg to differ! I have a beautiful sculpture on my desk that says something very different.
Oct. 23rd, 2004 07:28 pm (UTC)

Spiritual... *sigh* definitions... What I meant was that I'm generally a rather... not *materialistic*, but what's a good word? realistic? down-to-earth? person - I do have ideas about how life should be lived, what it should be, obviously, but it's this reality, this life, this world I'm concerned with, abstract spiritual questions, religious dogmas &c. most of the time don't interest me much. I had arguments with our psychology/philosophy teacher at school because, I could *see* the chair, I could *touch* it, why would it not be real? Obviously it could be perceived as something different depending on the viewer's cultural background, but arguing about its basic reality always seemed a waste of time to me, and in this respect I haven't changed much since. I don't believe in a soul as an entity apart from the body - I have no problem accepting that who I am and what I am may be bound to this body, indeed may be a result of this body, IMO this doesn't make me any different or any less of a person...

Oct. 26th, 2004 03:19 pm (UTC)
Want to answer beautiful profound things, but
a) am not profound
b) am not really beautiful, either
c) am at work
d) don't have proper access to internet at home at the moment. When I do, all my thoughts about spirituality will have passed on to another dimension. *sigh* Sometimes Lj makes me- kribbelig...
Oct. 26th, 2004 09:16 pm (UTC)
No problem... and don't make me argue with you about a) & b) - it's too late, I'm too tired for eloquence... ;)
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