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Extremely aggravating day for the greater part of it; partly, I guess, my own fault, because I tend to work myself up over things, but sometimes M. drives me up-the-walls batshit insane. Enough said, no need to go into sordid details.

The good part, however...

Slept through the eclipse, but this was almost better... When I started my morning run, the moon was still low in the wester sky, big and yellow, while in the east the horizon was already growing light... and suddenly the full reality of it hit me, that it had been indeed the earth's shadow on the moon, that I was there, a tiny speck on a small globe circling a fiery ball, and the universe stretching out beyond...

A touch of of the Total Perspective Vortex experience, but, strangely enough, mostly in a good way.

It sounds more than a little banal, written down like this, but it made terrific sense at the time... after all, how often does one really think of this?

Amazingly beautiful morning, clear except for a light mist before the sun really came up, baby-blue sky with pink streaked clouds, the yellow leaves catching the light, softly glowing even before sunrise.

::le sigh:: Damn it, I need more words; better words. Or, preferably, a camera.


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Oct. 29th, 2004 10:41 am (UTC)
Damn it, I need more words; better words.

I think this exact same thought about fifty times a day. Sadly, I don't think a camera would work for me. What I need are words that work like a camera and a punch in the stomach all at once.
Oct. 30th, 2004 06:26 pm (UTC)
(I wish I could kid myself that it's the second language thing, but I suspect it might be even worse in German...)

It's only a personal journal, after all, so it shouldn't really matter, but on some level I'd like to get across what those mornings mean to me, and it always falls sadly short... a picture might at least convey a general impression...
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