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[Damn. The cat apparently has adopted me. Willnotbuycatfoodwillnotbuycatfood...]

Slept in, read, wrote a little, soaked in the tub, made a birthday cake for M. (chocolate, almonds & nuts from the new Jamie Oliver cookbook, hopefully edible) and watched two weeks' worth of taped tv shows in between.

Andromeda, never the best show to begin with, has obviously deteriorated to new depths. I missed the first episode of S4, but the next two were atrocious. I'd heard it was bad, but this... gah. With Tyr/KHC gone as Dylan's nemesis, friend, foil and dark mirror image, all the life, interest and tension, psychology and philosophy, not to mention the greatest part of the acting talent and eye candy are gone and what's left is flat, trite and boring. The rest of the cast fumble their way through a bad script and worse dialogue in a decidedly half-assed way that makes it impossible to maintain any interest in the characters left. Pieces of Eight I could still amuse myself imagining that Dylan must miss Tyr at least as much as I did - he seemed terribly alone at times. There's an early episode of Angel, just after Doyle died and Wesley turned up, when Cordelia & Wesley start to bicker and Angel tells them to shut up, calling Wesley Doyle, followed by a moment of painful silence. I could just picture this, Dylan out of habit calling for Tyr to cover his ass on whatever semi-suicidal mission they're up to, and the long moment of awkward silence... Waking the Tyrant's Device I was merely watching with a detached sense of WTF, mostly trying to decide whether to put a chocolate glazing on the cake, and if yes, what kind.

Smallville was rather more interesting - no, scratch that, after Andromeda it was positively brilliant; Exile and Phoenix were intriguing enough and full of the ethical ambiguities and grey shades Andromeda apparently has decided to give up; evil!Clark is pretty, even though Tom Welling is not really my type. Lex at once harder and more rawly emotional, very inscrutable (I rather doubt all the filial affection is genuine, just because this once it wasn't his father who tried to kill him) and just slightly crazy (telling Helen to go ahead and shoot him); Clark slightly more grown up and responsible, finally thrown off his moral high horse, less ready to simply blame everything on the red kryptonite. For the first time ever in this show Lex and Clark share a moment of complete understanding. Interesting, too, to compare the three hugs in this episode.

John Glover and Rutger Hauer apparently were having a great time, not to mention a hell of chemistry. Are there still awards for the gayest look of the episode? Because if yes, it goes to them.

Extinction is mostly back to boring, with a dash of X-Men (mutants - good or evil?) and what may or may not be a veiled metaphor for homosexuality running through the episode.

[Cat is still here, asleep on the sofa. I don't want to throw her out, the weather is disgusting, but do I let her stay overnight? What if she wants out in the middle of the night, and obviously I don't have a litter box...]


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