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It's a strange January. Sun, heavy clouds, rain or sleet showers rapidly following one after another or all at once, amazingly lit landscape views especially towards evening - hills picked out by sunlight beneath a mostly over-cast sky, part of a street a blazing, almost unnatural shade of yellow, a large rainbow 'following' (and how exactly does the physics of rainbows work?) me home from the outskirts of Vienna, a good 15 minutes drive - at one point one of its end was right in the axis of the street, making all kinds of stupid childish dream-images (which I doubt I ever had, anyway) of walking on a rainbow suddenly stunningly real for a moment, then driving through its arc, or almost.

It's a minor miracle that I didn't crash the car...

Then, towards sunset the wisps of clouds b urning orange in the west, everything, the sky overhead, the streets and houses, tinted a glowing pink.

[There was thunder a few minutes ago, now it's sun and blue skies again with a few fluffy white clouds...]

Had a minor and very pointless war-of-wills with the horse, made worse by the feeling of utter futility of forcing us both to do something neither she nor I enjoyed; but I've done so little recently and Ch. sort of hinted a little exercise might be in order...

Evening with my sister and her boyfriend, playing two games of Siedler von Catan, which I kind of like, even though as a rule I hate board games. Problem is, I don't really play to win; I'll almost always help my sister, unless she's on the verge of actually winning, especially if she does the little sister bambi-eyes thing, although I'm a little miffed, because I could have won the second game, if I hadn't let myself be so distracted and influenced by A.-I-really-really-*really*-hate-to-lose's temper tantrums until it was too late...

Slept till eleven, had an extended breakfast rather than my usual coffee, yoghurt and two rice-cakes, did nothing much ever since. Might go to see Alexander in the evening; alone, after all, because if it really turns out to be as bad, at least I don't want to spend three hours constantly feeling apologetic for dragging someone there...


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Jan. 8th, 2005 05:07 am (UTC)
Ha, look what woelfin posted on one of her weblogs!!
A rainbow (over Vienna? The building is kind of familiar to me, although I've never been there.)
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