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The interest meme, gacked from... er, 95% of the lj population, by now?

LJ Interests meme results

  1. anton kolig:
    Austrian expressionist painter, got interested in him when I saw an exhibition of his drawings of male nudes in the Albertina this spring. I haven't seen many of his paintings yet, but so far I'm intrigued. Not to mention that expressionism is shockingly modern as far as my taste in art is concerned. I might join the 21st century yet...
  2. btvs:
    Buffy. Not my most favourite tv show ever, but I'm fond of it.
  3. doktor faustus:
    Thomas Mann's novel of that name. It's really impossible to say something suitable or even begin to describe my fascination in the limited space of this meme, but I love it because it's perhaps his most personal book.
  4. futurama:
    Like it. Quirky, fun, love the characters. Also, Leelah is kinda hot. What? I have a thing for women in combat boots, even if they're one-eyed cartoon character.
  5. islamic art:
    Vague interest, but I like the aesthetics, especially of islamic architecture. I'm not really religious, but somehow I find the architecture of a mosque more spiritually pleasing than the rigidity of a catholic church.
  6. mikhail vrubel:
    Discovered at work, so to speak. Russian symbolist painter, whom so far sadly I know mostly through books, but I finally saw a few paintings in the Russian museum this summer...
  7. patrick o'brian:
    Admittedly my interest has kind of flagged and I still need to finish the last two and a half books, but seventeen volumes is a long time for me to remain interested in any one author and universe. Developed a small literary crush on Jack during the first few volumes and learned a lot about ships and sailing.
  8. slash fiction:
    Right. I don't think I need to explain the 'what', and I don't particularly feel like going into the deep psychological 'why's and 'wherefore's, but I've been fascinated by gay-themed books years before I ever came across the term slash. Read probably every Marion Zimmer Bradley novel ever written and a lot of the fanfic Darkover anthologies as a teenager and thought that maybe I was kind of weird, so finding out, more than a decade later, that if I'm weird, at least I'm not alone in that was rather nice. I also blame The Celuloid Closet, because seriously, if Ben Hur has canonic subtext, can anyone blame me for squeeing over Lex and Clark?
  9. theatre:
    I don't go as often as I'd like, but I'm fascinated by theatre, because while I don't particularly like reading plays, mainly because I don't have enough imagination to flesh out the characters, give them voices, &c., I'm utterly fascinated by how a play comes to life between the actors and director and audience. I also like the more directly human quality theatre has in comparison to a movie.
  10. watching myself change:
    Maybe because I don't do it that much. For the longest time I used to think of myself in terms of static, and to discover that change can and does happen still is fascinating to me.

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