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Gingerbread cubes, for czaria

[Sorry for the delay, but I couldn't get hold of the cook-book any earlier. Maybe you can use it for next year...]

- Measurements are in grammes, since I don't entirely trust an online-converter.
- I'd recommend taking only half or two thirds of everything, or you'll wind up with a lot of gingerbread cubes indeed.
- The ginger taste is very dominant if you include the whole amount; unless you really like the taste I'd recommend taking a little less, and more of the orange peel or walnuts instead.

150 g sugar, 50 ml water
500 g honey
3 egg yolks
15 g vanilla sugar
10 g cinnamon
3 g ground cloves
2 g ground nutmeg
2 g cardamom
(alternatively, at least over here you can buy a packaged mixture of all, or at least most of the above spices specifically for gingerbread)
grated lemon peel (the lemon shouldn't be waxed or otherwise treated)
350 g rye flour
350 g wheat flour
8 g hartshorn
8 g potash
40 ml milk
80 g butter (soft ; i.e., not straight from the fridge, but not molten)
160 g roughly chopped walnuts
160 g finely chopped candied orange peel
150 g finely copped candied ginger

* Boil sugar and water to dissolve the sugar. Add the honey. Let it cool down a little (to ca. 30 degrees Celsius).

* Mix egg yolks and spices. Add the sugar-honey mix. Add the flour (both wheat and rye). Mix at first in a bowl with a [blender? sorry, I'm unsure about the correct terminology, just use whatever kitchen machinery you usually use for mixing dough/batter], then pour on a baking board and knead by hand.

* Dissolve the hartshorn in half of the milk, the potash in the other half. Don't mix the two liquids. [NOTE: It smells pretty disgusting, but is perfectly safe/healthy. Just don't hold it under your nose and breathe too deeply.] Work both liquids into the dough, one after the other. Knead butter into the dough. Knead nuts, candied orange peel and ginger into the dough. In the end it should be a homogeneous mass.

* Roll out [ca 1 - 2 cm thick, I'm not really sure. It rises somewhat.], put paper on a baking sheet, put the dough on the baking sheet. [If you don't make the whole mass, it doesn't matter if it doesn't cover the whole of it]. Poke holes with fork, ca. 3 cm apart. Brush with milk. Bake for ca. 50 mins in a pre-heated stove at 140 degrees (Celsius).

* Take out, let cool off, cut into cubes, rectangles or whatever shape you like. Dip in chocolate glazing. [We always use readymade glazing, because we're kind of lazy in this respect. If you want to make your own, it should be some kind of chocolate-fat glazing; if you use only chocolate couverture it will dry out too fast, we learned that the hard way.] Decorate before the glazing solidifies.

[* The chocolate glazing is our variation of the receipt. The original calls for a sugar-water glazing to be poured over the finished gingerbread after you take it out of the stove. You're supposed to let it dry over-night and then cut into rectangles.]


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(Deleted comment)
Dec. 19th, 2005 09:09 pm (UTC)
Ist eigentlich nur ganz normaler Lebkuchen mit Schokoladeglasur - sie sehen aufwendiger aus als sie sind, ich tobe mich immer beim Dekorieren aus... :)

(Deleted comment)
Dec. 19th, 2005 11:41 pm (UTC)
Ja schon... mehr oder weniger. Scherz beiseite, ist zwar eine Fertigglasur (ja, ja, die Faulheit...) aber Schokolade ist doch dabei. ;)
Dec. 19th, 2005 09:35 pm (UTC)
Thank you. :)
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