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Yesterday -- Ch.'s birthday, the usual get-together with the same people as every year who will talk about nothing but their horses, dogs and children for hours. Five hours, to be specific. I'd already had a busy day at work and was ready to fall asleep at nine, but there was really no way I could make a polite exit. One of them had a really tall poodle, who had his head on the table, my shirt, my lap, my bag (which served as a pillow), and just about everywhere else & didn't smell too nice, either. Plus, the whole thing happened in an Italian restaurant, where you really cannot order anything if you have an upset stomach. Ate half a plate of spaghetti around the tomato sauce & survived it pretty well.

Came home just before midnight, very, very dead.

This morning I met with my sister & we went on a shopping spree, where I bought new jogging shorts (amazingly enough I found ones that are neither too tight nor too short and just generally comfortable), two pretty black and white soup bowls and a salad bowl, four black and white tile Unteresetzer, a Schneebesen, an expensive, but according to my sister very good soap from L'Occitane, two packages of some Japanese noodle soup (feeling experimental) and a cute bunny ornament for my mother's Osterstrauss.

Looked at shoes & have the suspicion that this will be yet another summer where I won't manage to buy new summer shoes. I don't even like buying shoes, but I need some, because DocMartens aren't really suitable for Austrian summers, and will someone please think of women with broader feet and high instep? We want nice shoes, too. ::sigh::

Also, it rained.

Then we had lunch at the parents, which was quite pleasant and drama free.

And now I'm going to be unapologeticly ridiculously lazy. A hot bath would be nice, too.


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