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Sep. 24th, 2006

I think I (would, will) take a rainy week for me to actually sit down & write a livejournal entry with anything even remotely approaching content, instead of just hastily posting a picture.

Any why is the weekend already over again?

Yesterday, had a morning run (enjoyable; I seem to be rather fit at the moment), then met with my (by now very pregnant, baby's due in little more than a month) sister, discussing birthday cakes (namely, hers), pregnancy issues & whatnot, doing a little shopping (again, hers, mostly, pregnancy & baby related, although I picked up mango balls at that bio store, at a price I might have got Zotter chocolate, since I made the mistake of not checking the price beforehand...), took some photographs before & after. Today, equipped myself with camera, DocMartens (and, incongruently, new little-over-knee-length violet skirt) & müsli bars and set forth for what turned out to be a six hour photo-stop-&-walk from home meandering through the 7th, 15th and 16th districts to the Ottakring cemetery and back through the 17th, 8th & 7th. (No wonder I'm getting fitter...) Lots of photos; the digital camera was the best investment ever, because I never would take some 180 photos, randomly trying out this & that, if I had to pay for having them developed to see the results. Took several pictures around the corner of the Manner factory, enveloped in rich, chocolatey scent & wondered what it must be to live in the neighbourhood...

I'm so, so addicted. Obsessed. With photographing, that is, not Mannerschnitten. I's been a while since I've been so enthusiastic about anything; I guess I'll have to see how long this will last...

Last week, freshly henna'd my hair, got a much needed haircut, bought some clothes; above-mentioned violet skirt, a bright red-orange blouse to go with it, a bright red skirt I've yet to find a top for, and gym trousers for the belly dancing lesson, which I still kind of dread in the what-have-I-got-myself-into way. (But when Ch. called and told me that the course we wanted was already booked out, it was I who searched the internet for another Volkshochschule not too far away also offering belly dancing for beginners, instead of gratefully taking the opportunity to get out when it so conveniently offered itself. I won't even pretend this makes sense. Because I still foresee disaster.)

Clothes, though, and body issues... Health is a priority, but I sincerely hope I'll be able to keep this weight once my stomach settles, which it seems to finally show signs of doing. I don't want to obsess about calories, kilos & dress sizes, god knows, I've done that enough throughout pretty much all of my life, but it was nice to comfortably fit into 40ies and the medium gym trousers & to start buying knee-length and bright colours. ::sigh::


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