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oookay.... that should have been posted on sunday... 'too tired' is beginning to sound very old by now...

(and the longer i procrastinate, the more unsure i get about posting anything at all, neurotically editing and re-editing.)


i did it, too, heroically disregarding the urge to just turn over and go back to sleep...

from the U1 station Donauinsel to Schloss Niederweiden, Schloss Hof, back home via Schloss Eckartsau, some 90 km all in all. i rather intended to go back by train but didn't feel tired at all and decided i might just as well profit from the wind in my back (something of a miscalculation as it turned out) and bike back, too.

a bit disorganised - as in, it was probably not the best idea to bike east when the weather forecast explicitly mentioned strong winds from the southeast, and a little research might have told me that Schloss Hof is currently being restored and can only be visited with a guided tour at 4 pm. not that it would have mattered as the tour had been canceled for the day and having arrived at about 1 pm i would not have waited until four...

Schloss Niederweiden is small, but beautiful, though sadly nothing remains from the original interior. instead they had an exhibition on baroque courts and gardens and the excavations and planned restorations of the gardens at Schloss Hof. a bit of an animal park, too, white donkeys, moose... cute. the entrance fee is horribly overpriced at € 6.-, though, but i presume it all goes to the restorations at Schloss Hof. better be worth it...

Schloss Hof must be beautiful from what little i saw, situated on a hill, the garden laid out in terraces on its slope, a beautiful view, if somewhat spoiled by the singularly ugly skyline of some slovakian town. but there's a certain charm in this run-down state, too... a sense of the authentic, before it all gets polished and museum-ized...

strangely, unceremoniously autumnal, the trees are already loosing their leaves as a result of the drought; it needs to rain, badly. most of the pools in the floodplain forest are almost dried up...

meadows are dotted with pale violet Herbstzeitlosen, prettty.

on the whole, nothing spectectecular, but there's at least the sense of having done something, rather than asking myself where the day'd gone after having it wasted sleeping and in front of the computer and/or tv... and i need the exercise.

random note... apparently Pizza Hut is withdrawing from Austria - they've just closed their last resaurant. probably a lost cause from the start; people here are just too used to the thin italian style pizza


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