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Things I did today: Visit the Leopold museum to see the German Expressionists exhibition before it closes. Some paintings I liked and some I liked not quite as much, and I'm not feeling particularly analytical today, not that this sentiment is exactly new, but, still. Fragile moments. Nolde paintings to lose oneself in.

Some Kolig paintings I love every time.

Walked around for a bit, came home, made a belated lunch, fell asleep for a couple of hours in the afternoon and dreamt some seriously weird things i won't go into in detail because sometimes it embarrasses even me what my brain can make up.

Things I didn't do: Belly-dancing practice. Henna my hair. Failed (again) to buy a jingly coin hip-scarf. I look at them, and then find I lack courage/conviction to buy one, and no, I don't pretend this makes much, if any, sense. Although I've come to the conclusion that part of the problem (with belly-dancing generally) seems to be that i'm not feeling really comfortable with my body, not sexual/sensual enough? Certainly this is the first time in my life that I've caught myself wishing my breasts were bigger.

But: Belly-dancing class for the next semester (different VHS, different teacher) is booked; as is Spanish class. I must have had an energetic phase last week.

Recovering from Christmas, but still feeling unfocused, distracted and very easily exhausted. I'll be definitely taking off a week in February, even if there won't be any skiing, what with no snow, 10-15 degrees (plus), and me still walking around in my light autumn/spring coat in January. The weather is beginning to scare me.


Liked it, and it was interesting to compare to the S1 of the US version, the different takes on the story and relationships. I preferred almost all the UK versions of the characters, who behave (and even look) so much more natural, almost like (gasp) actual people... it's a thing you stop noticing, you get so used to it watching too many US tv shows, the plastic-ness, the stock-phrases, it almost comes a surprise when it's different for once. Liked Vince (and it's come to the point where I tend to fastforward Michael), who certainly loved Stuart, but didn't have Michael's unrequited puppy-dog adoration for Brian. The American need to be always more blatant, have the bigger, more dramatic drama, all threads tied up neatly, and always, always the moral lesson.

And Brian and Justin? So I'm hearing they didn't get together at the end of the show, but regardless it's like every cliched romance novel ever written where the heroine manages to thaw the hero's heart and make him fall in love with her. Seriously. Not that this changes the fact that it's pretty much the only reason I keep watching [::throws up hands in embarrassed despair::], because in some ways I am a girl and how can you not love Brian in his glorious fucked-up-ness, and the actors have chemistry like whoa, and, yes, moving on now.


DS9 S1 (Christmas gift); About ten episodes in, already slightly bored. I remember seeing bits and pieces years ago, mostly of the later seasons, and being at least somewhat interested, and definitely remember liking some of the characters, and at 39.- per season it seemed a good chance to start following the whole arc of the Dominion war. But S1 is less than thrilling so far, and why is there so much of Quark? Does anyone actually want to see Quark? Or Nog? Or Jake, for that matter? Because I certainly don't. And at this stage of things, neither Kira, nor Odo, nor Jadzia (who has always fascinated me, above or between genders) are compelling enough reason to go on watching. After the speed and complexity of JW's shows or B5 it's hard to find anything to really interest me; or perhaps this is an age thing? I also noticed this with the few fantasy novels I read recently - I'm becoming awfully hard to please.

And, again, what I can't stand is the Mmoral of the episode. I've re-watched the first season of Andromeda recently, and while the show does have its faults and short-comings even then, what always attracted me is that there are some genuinely interesting story lines about possibilities, freedom of will, fate and the hard decisions that are never clean or ideal, regrets, consequences. I'm having a hard time re-adapting to the squeaky-clean Star Trek universe and its much clearer ethics and pyjama uniforms.

Anyhow, prices on amazon are up at 56.- again, so unless S1 turns out to end in a terrific, heart-stopping, must-buy-next-season-immediately cliff-hanger, it doesn't look like I'll be watching any further than that for the time being.

OTOH though, it doesn't hurt or aggravate me, which I rather suspect SV S5 will, and is the reason why it's still sitting on the shelf, unwatched, weeks after purchase.

And perhaps I should go to sleep now, despite my afternoon-nap. It's not as if anything intelligent is forthcoming at the moment.


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Jan. 14th, 2007 10:52 am (UTC)
DS9 gets much better in S4, 5 and 6; there are some morally ambiguous decisions and characters: Garak, Dukat, even Kira, who is still my overall favorite (which is weird, my favorite characters are usually men). And the whole Dominion War is interesting to watch, because it's the only time you see full scale war over an extended period on Star Trek, instead of one epic battle that BOOM, saves the Universe just like that. S1, 2 and 3 are just crap, imho, and S7 is overblown moral shit and just gah. If you ever see S5 on sale and feel tempted, I would say it's a fairly reasonable investment. Or we could watch a few episodes next time we get together and see what it does to you. Not that it could even remotely compare with anything JW or jms have ever done, of course...
Jan. 14th, 2007 06:49 pm (UTC)
So that wasn't just me imagining remembering that it was better than it is at the moment... Good to know. :)
Jan. 14th, 2007 03:48 pm (UTC)
That picture is seriously gorgeous. My favourite one so far. ♥
Jan. 14th, 2007 06:57 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I like it too, but, lucky shot. Done very fast, even the b/w is unintentional, I just forgot to switch the camera back to colour before I went out. And immediately after I'd shot this one I was reminded that taking photographs isn't allowed in the museum. Pity...
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