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Jun. 11th, 2004

Hm. *yawn* This getting up at six for morning runs messes up my inner clock, sleeping patterns & time schedule. Tired, tired, tired, always too early.

Mon: Ran (58 mins, no break), work, nothing much of interest happened.

Tue: Ran (40 mins, 20 mins; ducks still asleep on the stone rim of the fountain); work; met U. and her boyfriend in what turned out to be a SM cafè. Not that I minded, the cafè part was perfectly normal anyway, but I still kinda wonder wonder why they invited me there (unless it was to see if I'd be shocked), because I don't really want to think too hard about their sex life, much less be part of it. Or perhaps I'm being paranoid. Then I was given a tour and we (accidentally - I hope) walked in on someone's bondage session. Um. Which was somewhat embarrassing, (alright, I admit it) a bit of a turn on, but mostly really surreal, this being U., who I mostly know from work and sure as hell never pictured in the same room with a naked, moaning woman being tied up by someone looking vaguely like Hermann Nitsch. Ah well.

[Feel free to laugh.]

Wed: Hot. Visited the horse at the clinic. Got a haircut. Saw Prisoner of Azkaban with my sister and her somewhat less enthusiastic boyfriend.

Seriously. IMO this is the best of the three movies by far, Cuaron did a terrific job there. Beautifully done, aesthetically more pleasing than the earlier movies, never went over-board with the computer animation stuff, no overly drawn out gratuitous action sequences. The cuts and changes were thoughtful and skillfully done, at no point did the movie feel rushed or patchy, never did I feel that something might be missing. The characters had depth and shadings, the acting was very good indeed; I was extremely impressed with the Shrieking Shack scene, but the scenes with Harry and Remus were also very touching. It may be the better direction, or the fact that Daniel Radcliffe is growing up and starting to actually act, but for the first time I actually liked movie!Harry; he seemed like a real character for once, with his hurt and anger, his love and compassion for Sirius, rather than the cardboard child-hero from CoS. In fact to me the movie inspired more sympathy for Harry, Remus and especially Sirius then ever did the books - JKR's action-driven writing style doesn't lend to much immediate emotional involvement, as far as I'm concerned.

So many small details... the birds flying too close to the Whomping Willow, if ever a warning was needed that this movie was not 'safe'; the recurring images of the large clock, whose meaning is only revealed in the end. The flight images... the dementors (utterly amazing, a stroke of genius, even if book-canonically they don't fly, as far as I remember), reflected in the crows, the bats.

[And I may be wrong, but as far as this movie is concerned Sirius/Remus may well be canon. The way they are shown together, I rather doubt Snape's jibe about them bickering like an old married couple is wholly coincidental or meaningless. As far as I'm aware of, there does exist a theory about Remus's lycanthropy possibly being a metaphor for homosexuality, and I think the movie would permit this interpretation. His ambiguously vaguely-worded farewell to Harry easily supports either reading.

Thunderstorms, downpour, hail.

Thu: Dragged myself out of bed early, despite really not wanting to, ran (66 mins, no break; beautiful: after all the rain & sun, lush flowers, roses, waterlilies in the fountains...), visited the horse, listlessly watched M.'s PotC DVD, and sadly this is another of those movies you should avoid re-watching. Partly cleaned the flat.

Ate a lot of strawberries.

Re-reading the Iliad and still want to say something about Troy, if I ever can find the time & energy. Vaguely want to see it again, perhaps in English, although if I'm almost certain I'd regret it and whatever enjoyment I had would be spoiled.


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Jun. 11th, 2004 11:46 am (UTC)
Mah! Really want to see that movie! NOW!!! *gahahahawhinewhimper* There's so little to look forward in my life right now. And what you say about Siríus/Remus sounds.. interesting. Heh.
Jun. 12th, 2004 05:30 pm (UTC)
I still think it's a lovely movie, but people are right in one respect, there's quite a bit of the marauders' backstory missing, which *might* (or not, hard to tell) leave a person who hasn't read the book with a slightly different impression, but I never noticed this when watching...
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