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Strangely empty day, nothing noteworthy, mostly flat-cleaning & such... had to fight my body for practically every step of my morning run, and don't much enjoy this semi-masochistic approach. So far it's always been a pleasure, not self-punishment.

Too little sleep the last couple of nights, i guess.

Emotional; sad-but-not, in a slightly detached, aloof way... doesn't make much sense, even to me.

Tired, even if it's only past 9. I think I'll put the Thomas Mann reads Tonio Kröger CD into the player & go to bed...

Watched the Lawrence of Arabia DVD on Sunday, the restored version, and somehow, as much as I still love it, every time I saw this movie over the years it struck me as a little bleaker, a little more depressing...


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Jun. 23rd, 2004 08:32 pm (UTC)
Love the Thomas Mann reads Tonio Kröger CD... and love to listen to it in bed too :-)

No one understands me when I say my favorite part in "Lawrence of Arabia" is the way he has of putting out matches, it always seems to me he's doing it with his eyes rather than with his fingers. And the part when someone asks him why he loves the desert and he says: "Because it's clean..." Sad to admit, after he puts on his arab garments for the first time, I lose interest rafpidly, mostly because I know it will soon start getting *relly* depressing.
Jun. 25th, 2004 08:11 pm (UTC)
The match... I used to love the movie so much, and in between everything else this is another thing I never really noticed/connected...

When he says (innocently, really, compared with what's to come), 'the trick is not minding that it hurts'... and then, life/fate/god/who or whatever, takes him (movie!Lawrence, that is) up on this careless challenge and proceeds to teach him just how exactly how this doesn't work, showing him who he is, what's inside of him, and that you can't run or hide from yourself.

it's Greek tragedy, really... and it's cruel in ways I never fully realised this before. Somehow I always seem to have focused more on the first part of the movie, and it influenced my perception.

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