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grumblewhinemoanbitchbitchbitch... I really wish I could just stay at home, crawl back to bed, write, read, be lazy... no work.

I need time a little time for myself, when I'm not (at least mentally) dead from work, and somehow it seems to be more exhausting now that M. is back. As much as I consider her a friend, she's also my boss, in a way, and I think I preferred it when I didn't have to consider her likes & dislikes with everything I do, even small decisions like where to put newly arrived books. Granted, the past three weeks were often stressful & I had all the responsibility, too, but in some ways it was easier. Less... numbing.

Want time to write down all those thoughts/journal entries sketched out in my head, but my days off seem to be either lost because of K.'s holiday, or already pre-planned (my mother's birthday, Ch.'s sponsion & its celebration)

So to get at least this off my mind, I'm still not happy about livejournal's reaction concerning nazi_regime. Is freedom of speech really the argument that trumps all other considerations? But I guess none of us can altogether escape being influenced by the legal system we grew up with, and while abstractly I can understand their position, from a more emotional perspective this doesn't make it easier at all to see my concerns & revulsion brushed aside like this, when, if the server were based locally, the numerous swastikas alone would be sufficient reason to have the community investigated (and most likely, deleted). I'm not even sure whether ot not giving a direct link to this community couldn't be considered an offence.

Part of my problem of course is the lingering guilt that I'm fond of my lj & the people I met here and probably will continue to pay for my account, but feel that perhaps I really oughtn't, all things considered.

Or maybe I'm just badly overreacting.

Last but not least, what's with the new, but defintely not improved, update page; I do have a 1024 x 768 screen resolution and it still looks awkward and, worse, is annoying to use, the past lines of the entry overlapped by the option-functions, at least on my four years old iMac.


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