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Tired, for no very apparent reason; not so much the morning run (clear skies, magnificent sunrise), I guess, rather my lingering on-&-off annoyance with M., her disorganised, hectic way to start a million things at once, where ultimately everything, if it doesn't get lost in the totally unnecessary self-created stress & chaos, takes so much longer.

It's not my task to remind her to order books for customers - if she insists on being The Boss and the only one to order books, it is her responsibility, not mine, and I'm equally sick of having to make excuses because once again it took her ages to finally order a book, and of having to remind her again & again & again, it's not as if there are all that many orders. I tell her, I stick the notes where she cannot miss them, unless she purposefully ignores them... I don't get it. As I see it, we're a book-store, not her personal playground, and satisfied customers should come first, everything else is secondary. She can damn well re-arrange the order of her beloved medieval history books later.

And when you're in that kind of mood already, it's all kinds of ridiculously small details that irritate you out of all proportion... Who the fuck (except M.) puts books upside down on the shelf, so that you can read the titles on the spines more easily? Not customers who pull them out to look at them, that's for sure, and after a few days it's a total mess with no order whatsoever.

[/rant mode]

*sigh* I'm aware that I'm kind of anal about keeping things orderly & systematic at work; It doesn't take a psychologist to tell me that this is probably an attempt to make up for the mess the rest of my life is, to at least give me the feeling there are some things I can and do control. It's perfectly ridiculous too, considering the state my flat usually is in.

[Also, note to self, bring instant coffee to work. I never really woke up after lunch-break today.]

Finished Mauritius Command, which for once has a rather straight forward plot, all threads tied up neatly, and also quite loses the Austen-esque light tone - for the greater part action-driven, hard-edged and full of bloodily realistic battles, which makes for an interesting change of pace after the much more introspective HMS Surprise.

However, there are bits, especially in the beginning, that have my not-so-inner feminist struggle with the futile desire of wanting to smack O'Brian upside the head, much as I love the books otherwise; his female characters & his treatment of them... *shrug* it may be a personal quirk, but something there rubs me entirely the wrong way..

Still... *sigh* ongoing stupid fascination with ships, something I couldn't have cared less about a few weeks ago, and I'm really forcing myself not to delete the cd from the next amazon order just to get it earlier... there are other books that need reading, and yeah. A break is good. Moderation is good.

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