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Jun. 25th, 2003

why do these things always happen to me...

[13.3.2008 ETA from deadjournal:
major weirdness. no, seriously.

coming home i get bitched at by the cat & flower lady for apparently putting my bike in people's (read: her) way. only it turns out this isn't really about my bike, but other people's bikes, too, which i really can't do anything about. so she's rambling on and obviously she's not exactly sober. she then proceeds to invite me in. (i'd no idea what she might want from me, but was thinking, she's an elderly lady, she lives here, people know her, what can happen.)

she then tells me she wants to check my energy flows with a pendulum. so to be polite i kinda agree. there's some swinging of the pendulum in front of me and strange waving of hands, after which she proceeds to tell me i've lost my intuition and contact to the universe (no big surprise there). that i should consider how i treat things. that flowers need love, too. some other stuff about decisions and the easy way out, that are maybe pretty general, but at this point rather closer to what's going on in my life than i felt comfortable discussing with a complete stranger. even so i might at least for a moment have considered there's something to this esoteric shit, or at least that she's got good intuition, considering she barely knows me.

only then she says i should just cry if i felt like it (which i didn't - i felt more like i was in course of being recruited for some weird cult) and let things out & suddenly decides to give me a *shoulder massage*, because i need to relax. consider me somewhat freaked out at this point. i'm wearing only a spaghetti strap shirt, and we've barely ever talked to each other beyond 'good morning' & such and i really, really think this rather oversteps the bounds of social politeness. relaxing isn't really an option at this point, even though she keeps insisting, so i tell her i'd think about what she'd said, and try to get her hand off my shoulder & make a polite if somewhat hurried exit. only she then takes hold of my wrist and doesn't seem to want to let go.

at which point i panic, grab my bag & shoes & run.

i just hope she'll be thoroughly embarrassed by tomorrow morning, because i don't want to spend the remaining time i'm going to live here constantly avoiding her....

i think i need to shower now.]


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