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This is a weird thing to experience; when I fell out of love (and into vague nostalgic fondness) with Bowie it was a slower, gradual process. Now NIN... I still love The Fragile, it means a lot to me, musically, emotionally, in a way no other CD ever did. There's a period of my life reflected in the music. But With Teeth leaves me cold in almost every respect. Perhaps I need to readjust, let go of expectations I never knew I had? I've listened to it four times now, and maybe I would (will?) change my mind if I listen(ed) to it another 96 or so times, but the problem is, I don't particularly want to.

All The Love In The World: Unexpected, but I like it.
You Know What You Are: Dislike, suppress the urge to skip. Skip anyway. Sounds like a reject from a Marilyn Manson CD. Ah yes. now I know what it vaguely reminds me of. I never much liked The Perfect Drug, either.
The Collector: Interesting. Like it. Although, um, Memorabilia?
The Hand That Feeds: Blah. Very blah.
Love Is Not Enough Eh. Sounds like an outtake from TF, sort of. Lyric-wise, too.
Every Day Is Exactly The Same: Like, more or less, but not particularly intrigued either. Too chorus-based for my taste.
With Teeth: Now this one's interesting, at least musically. I'm guessing, though, it's the same drug metaphor already used in Sanctified and (perhaps, personal theory) Reptile?
Only: Very strange. Very un-nin. Interesting.
Getting Smaller: What does this remind me of? Not bad, though.
Sunspots: Interesting. Don't much like the chorus. But interesting.
The Line Begins to Blur: Okay-ish.
Beside You In Time: Um. Probably should be interesting, but doesn't interest me. Vaguely irritating.
Right Where It Belongs: My favourite, perhaps. Or at least the only one I can even remotely connect with, that stirs some kind of feeling. Vaguely APC-ish, though.
Home: To repeat myself, eh.

There's this near-constant sense of being reminded of something, without being able to pinpoint what exactly it is, which is rather irritating. Bowie, but probably not? Or am I hallucinating?

I do find it interesting musically, if not overwhelmingly so, but it's a very abstract appreciation. I don't really connect to this album at all, emotionally or otherwise. Since I've always found the type of fan that constantly whines about how it wasn't better before, extremely annoying, this is me, not whining, merely being extremely baffled. I don't know what to do with this CD. At all.

ETA: Also, a booklet with the lyrics would have been much appreciated, because scrolling back & forth & up & down & back again for good measure through a 1828 x 2438 pdf picture in an attempt to find lyrics? Really fucking annyoing. Not so much fun. And whatever happened to the Gesamtkunstwerk a CD was supposed to be? / me, whining.



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