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[ edited & typed: 07-10 ]

Note to self, and maybe I'll remember this time, don't book a flight that requires you to get up before 6 am. You think you've gained a day, but all you do is wander around in a daze, unable to really appreciate anything.

I simply can't function on barely 4 hrs of sleep...

Feeling less than enthusiastic, though it's a beautiful city; cranky, tired and alone - never thought being surrounded by people speaking a language I don't understand at all could make me feel equally irritated and isolated. At least some of the TV seems to be in English with Danish subtitles only. Er.

Moreover the city's full of kids from Roskilde festival, making me feel at once very old and very inadequate, if this makes any sense at all.

Mostly just walked around to get an impression and orientate myself; from my hotel near the central station through the old town centre to the harbour, looked at Amalienborg palace, or what little of it can be visited (a rather boring little museum in one of the four palais), seeing as it's still used by the royal family; Frederik's Church, which in its current state is late 19th century and as such not very interesting; the Kastellet, walked along the Langelinie quay, watching the big cruise ships, managed not to miss the Little Mermaid on my way back; St Alban's Church (late 19th century too, but historistic, neo-gothic style, quite pretty); wandered into the garden of the old part of the Royal Library on my way back more by accident, lush, quietly romantic, restful.

On the whole though, feeling mostly tired, alone, a bit depressed, and not overly impressed; hoping that things will look better after a whole night of sleep.


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