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Jul. 3rd, 2003

[ edited & typed: 07-20 ]

Second visit to the Statens Museum for Kunst, took a lot of photos of the modern building...

I think I really might like Flemish renaissance painting, even baroque, at least the earlier phases.... maybe it's just the full blown baroque of Rubens that puts me off? :: shrugs :: I really need to get a wider knowledge of art history... too many blanks by far. Some lovely 16th/17th century still-lives and trompe l'œil paintings.

Portraits by Jens Juel (Danish, late 18th century)

Anders Bundgaard, Hidden Treasure. Sitting Nude Girl

Valdemar Schønheyder Møller, Sunset, Fontainbleau: looking straight into the evening sun filtered through the leaves.

Vilhelm Hammershøi. Interestingly lit landscape paintings.

Late 19th century realism & Skagen Painters. Erik Henningsen, Hans Nikolaj Hansen, Albert Edelfelt, Laurits Tuxen, Otto Haslund, Valdemar Irminger, Wenzel Tornøe, Julius Paulsen, Frants Henningsen, P.S.Krøyer, Michael Ancher, Richard Bergh, Christian Krohg

Theodor Philipsen, whose cattle paintings are somewhat boring if they're close ups, but interesting if they're a little more abstract and dynamic.

Noted for nostalgically guilty study reasons, Harald Jerichau, The Lydian Plain near Sardis

William Bendz (A Sculptor in his Studio Working from the Life; A Young Artist (Ditlev Blunck) Examening a Sketch in a Mirror; The Life Class at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts), Ditlev Blunck (A Battle-Painter in his Studio; Portrait of the Copperplate Engraver Carl Edvard Sonne), earlier 19th century, who apparently belonged to a circle of artists/friends and painted each other's portraits. Some of their other work I didn't like so much, but those portraits are rather brilliant, fun details that make you smile - giggle.

Hirschsprung Collection: More Danish painting...

Ejnar Nielsen, The Blind Girl. very beautiful, I even bought the poster. My sister, when she came over for breakfast last Sunday, insisted she'd get depressed having that around all the time, but I love the contrast between the golden sunset landscape she turns away from as she cannot see it, the glittering river winding behind her, and the tenderness with which she touches the seeds of the dandelion she holds, her way to connect to the beauty surrounding her. Amazing.

Slightly reminds me of Klimt, only much less floridly ornamental, some of his other paintings recall Schiele, but with a clearer style.

I even bought a book(let) on his painting in Danish, as there wasn't one in any language I actually can read, but his pictures really fascinate me.

P. Krøyer, Summer's Day at the South Beach at Skagen. Now here my sister say she doesn't see the sadness, but to me this is just short of heartbreaking, the little girl standing on the beach well away from the water, fully dressed, watching the boys bathing. So self possessed (well trained) already she doesn't even try go nearer, much less join them.

Michael Ancher, a very curious portrait of his wife, standing just inside the open door looking out, the dog facing her almost as if to keep her in.

Vilhelm Hammershøi, whose portraits are a bit too minimalist and bleak for my taste, but interesting landscape paintings.

Rosenborg Slot: smallish, very fairy tale like looking from the outside, rather sombre inside, especially the renaissance parts, the rooms aren't quite large enough to carry off the heavily carved ceilings. A bit stuffy, the rooms dark and crowded.

A kitsch (and somewhat provincial) Chinese cabinet for one of the princesses, a kitsch, but cute, glass cabinet with green and gold the dominant colours, lemons made of glass. Nice-ish.

Smallish mirror cabinet, interesting as both the floor and ceiling are covered in mirrors, too.

Something I already noticed earlier in Frederiksborg Slot, they have a kind of very beautiful inlay furniture, different coloured woods with some light green stone for floral ornaments, occasionally mother of pearl for flowers. Very pretty. Seen it on a floor, too, here.

Took one of those city bike thingies the system of which actually seems to function here slightly better than at home, biked around for a bit, but got cut short by the rain.

Noted how insecure i get when i don't speak the language.


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