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[How much caffeine does it take to actually wake me up? I think I'll switch to green tea now.]

Sunday afternoon fanish musing.

One of these things you don't know whether to be more pleased or annoyed by. I'm not a fan of of SG-1, for various reasons, but I've seen quite a few episodes in the failed effort of trying to get into it and read and liked some of the fanfic. Plus, I'm old enough to remember (& be vaguely nostalgic about) RDA from his McGuyver days. I lurk around the fringes of fandom occasionally. And so it appears that SG-1 is yet another show where more or less everyone involved is in on the gay subtext. Hm. While usually I'm all for subtext, I've come to the point where I'm getting somewhat tired of writers/producers/actors joking about this on dvd commentaries, while there is no actual acknowledgment in the show itself. On the one hand it's nice to be occasionally reassured that one isn't entirely delusional, and it's interesting to see (if vaguely sad) how perception is still so, what's the word - heteronormative? that people can either entirely ignore this or often are unsure if they're seeing what they're seeing, even if they want to see it. Another good thing is that this way it can be primarily about emotions, the relationship between two characters, without turning it into a big issue about gender, sexuality, political correctness, appropriate role model-dom and whatnot, which often leads to a state of things where a character entirely loses his/her humanity and complexity. And I guess major tv shows especially would chose this option because what with the general assumption of straight-until-proven-otherwise you can really slip in a lot of things as long as you're operating on the level of subtext.

But still, on the other hand, to repeat myself, getting a little tired of these celluloid closet-y ways here. It's not about making a big issue of it, just maybe slip in some something that makes it irrevocably clear, in a way that cannot be joked or explained or wishfully thought away that (e.g.) Jack/Daniel is really just as much a possibility as Jack/Sam...



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