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::sigh:: I should have done something. It was sunny, it's a holiday, I should have taken my camera, gone outside, done something active, but it seems to be one of those days...

I'll do a bit of cleaning later, at least.


One of the days when I don't even feel like writing on livejournal, because everything comes out banal and awkward and I mistype jsut and ahve every single damn time. The brain's a funny thing.

Finished Farscape S1 today, and, hm. I saw a few episodes years ago on tv, although never enough to make out a story-line; intelligent people seem to like it, and I needed a new fandom to be dragged into. Not. But what can I say, good offer on amazon.

I realised recently that I tend to focus too much on things I dislike and kind of get sidetracked by that, so for once I'll try to start with what I did like. It's pretty. Very pretty in fact. Stylish, great shots, often incredibly beautiful images, and I'm a little in love with the alienness of their aliens. Great scope of imagination. On the downside, although one would have to take into account that this is only a first season, fleshing out the characters, &c., it seems a little too much style over substance for my taste, at least occasionally. There are good episodes, but there are also quite a few that drag rather badly, and even at its best it moves rather slowly. And no amount of prettiness can quite disguise the fact that the actually story-line is pretty thin (they want to get home; they don't want to get caught; they're learning to trust each other and grow into a family of sorts, and this last more often than not is just as clicheed as it sounds). It's just a bit too sappy, too nice, too few hard edges. Crichton and Aeryn have their touching moments, but I'm already beginning to be ever-so-faintly irritated by all those deep looks. Also, Aeryn has more chemistry with D'argo and Crichton with Zhaan, or even Crais - the air fairly crackles between these two. [ETA, upon reconsideration; not quite true, but there is something about the Aeryn/Crichton situation that rubs me the wrong way, just slightly. Too easy, too obvious? Unsure.]

As for the characters - Crichton sometimes does have this genuine-good-guy thing going for him that I do occasionally find attractive in characters, and at other times he has this spark of power that can also be very hot. However, most of the time he's just a trifle too saintly for my taste, and it's a little too often that he's made to be the moral compass of the crew in an universe he just stumbled into.

Aeryn and Zhann are both gorgeous, beautiful women, and I mean that in the least shallow way possible, because for this level of attraction I have to develop some interest in the character, too. Chiana is pretty hot, too, and there definitely is something about this show that brings out my inner lesbian.

D'argo - can't say much about him yet. Tragic past. Nice. But nothing to make him really interesting yet.

Crais... pretty pretty all right, pretty [::rolleyes @ self::], and kind of interesting, but he's one of the characters whose tragedy you can appreciate, but who, at the time where you're introduced to them, may be too far gone already, or at least that's what it looks like at this stage. Scorpius is entirely too unpleasant and one-dimensional at this point to be interesting.

And, god, I really must be brain-dead when all I can say about a show's characters is whether they're hot or not. ::facepalm:: Enough.

I think I may have been irreversibly spoiled by Jossverse and B5 and their much more drama driven story telling. There was nothing here that kept me on the edge of my seat, or made me compulsively watch episode after episode. No big dramatic moments. The next season can wait until Christmas.



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Nov. 2nd, 2005 08:43 am (UTC)
My geeky neighbour at my mother's place gave me some episodes to watch, but I never could get into it. I remember Aeryn (definitely gorgeous) and the blue woman (Chiana?), and the living ship and whatnot, but absolutely nothing plotwise, except that I was vaguely irritated by something. Must have been the *lack* of plot, from what you write. Pity that I can't remember this Crais. Crichton I do remember, definitely too Captain America for my taste.
Nov. 2nd, 2005 09:15 am (UTC)
Zhaan is the blue one without hair, Chiana the one with the heavy white-blueish makeup and the white hair. Crais is the one whose brother Crichton accidentally killed by crashing into his spaceship in the first episode and who chased them throughout the rest of the season to get revenge. Not conventionally 'pretty' as such, but he's got a lot of charisma and an angsty storyline, and yeah, sometimes I'm easy like that.

If you're used to the pace and complexity of B5 or Buffy/Angel you occasionally want to prod and poke and just make it go faster, and on the whole it's kind of.... there's nothing surprising, really, in any of the characters' arcs, at least in this season. This whole a bunch of different people thrown together by accident, learn to work together and trust each other, be less selfish, yadda, yadda... it's just plain *old* and should have been done at least a little differently.
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