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I am so, so dead.

::blink:: :yawn::

Pointless to whine about work, but the 23rd is disgusting. Easier, because people don't much care any longer what book they're buying, but all the more nauseating for that very reason.

Things have been spiraling out of control this week, everything became too much; yesterday afternoon I felt like crying, overwhelmed and depressed. R.-from-work persuaded me to go out with her, and, to repeat myself, friends should drag me to places more often. Wladimir Kaminer was reading some of his stories, which was fun, and a good laugh was what we both needed at this point. Then there was Bucovina Club meets Russendisko (liked a lot), and we listened to the music, talked (well, shouted), had spritzers, got pleasantly buzzed and danced (me! danced!), and it was fun, and really, perhaps I should do this kind of thing more often.

I actually felt bouncy and good for about half of today, but depression has been creeping in again.

This whole Christmas thing... I actually do like to give presents, but it's hard to maintain any idealism or positive feelings in the face of the blatant, meaningless consumerism.

[Semi-blasphemous joke of the day: M., contemplating what to write on the Merry Christmas fax to be sent to the other shops. "'Es ist vollbracht.'?" Me: 'Um. Better not. Wrong holiday.']


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Dec. 25th, 2005 11:20 pm (UTC)
Wow, you got to go to Russendisko! I have listened to cds of Kaminer reading, he's quite hilarious. And I've also listened to the Russendisko music cd, I loved it. I have a special fondness for, what do they call themselves, "Red Elvises"? The song with the Kosmonaut Pavlov, it breaks me up every time. Glad you had a good time :-) Kopf hoch, fast vorbei! At least people don't give gifts for Drei Könige over there, we have two more weeks of manic shopping here.
Dec. 25th, 2005 11:47 pm (UTC)
Gah, I really must have been living under a rock, I wasn't familiar with the music at all.

I want - *need!* -a longer break, but only three and a half workdays next week, so I guess I'll survive... :(
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