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Like I said before, I know next to nothing about the technical aspects of figure skating, but ice dance is the the one discipline where I have the most problems understanding the results. In all the other disciplines I more or less get why someone ends up in a certain place, but with ice dance I tend to look at the aesthetical aspect first and foremost, and, again, the Free Dance in the first place, because Compulsory bores me to tears and Original doesn't interest me all that much, either, and I end up being frustrated occasionally. I can see why Navka/Kostomarov won (even if they aren't my favourites exactly), they were better than at the Europeans, and they deserved to win and be able to enjoy it after that extremely uncomfortable medal ceremony there, but...

... in my heart I wanted to see Denkova/Staviski on the podium, because surely that breathtakingly beautiful program had to count for.. well, more than it did? And why were Fusar Poli/Margalio (during whose program I was mostly afraid that he'd drop her again, and she'd slap him right there on the ice, and I guess so was he, after that Glare of Death yesterday...) before that other Italian couple, who had a much better Free Dance program IMO? Grushina/Goncharov's program still doesn't engage my emotions, the Americans' was prettily boring, and on the whole the more interesting programs were slightly further down the list. Khokhlova/Novitksi, Kerr/Kerr, Dominina/Shabalin...

Or perhaps my taste is somewhat weird, not that this would surprise me.

So, meh. This should have been a longer weekend-related entry, but between one thing and the other (::cough:: tv watching and more tv watching) it's become much too late again, and I should be sleeping, since I promised M. I'd open the shop tomorrow...


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