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Saw X-Men 3 today, and I don't know what everyone is (or, at any rate, so many people seem to be) complaining about. Sure, it's not the most profound thing ever, and I don't have any knowledge of comic-verse canon to compare it against, and yeah, big explosions & melodrama & such, but it was plenty entertaining and has enough ethical complexities/complications to keep me interested. And I loved the final scene, Eric playing chess with Charles like at the end of the first movie, but this time one of them is dead and the other is a normal human being. It's beautiful and fitting, in a way...

[ETA: I didn't see the scene after the credits; knew there was one, but didn't remember... I think I'd prefer finality, and people who died to remain dead.]

And I'm about to watch the last episode of Firefly [::tiny sob::] I knew I'd fall in love and then be frustrated that there's only half a season, which is why I put off buying/watching it for so long, and here I am, very much in love, wanting more & very frustrated indeed. Although I must say I'm not really surprised it got cancelled. Not because it is bad, obviously, which it certainly isn't, but (and this kind of hit me watching Jaynestown, especially at the end of the episode) if ever there was a tv show that was wholly and in every respect contrary to the official ideology/zeitgeist of the country that produced it, it's Firefly

Quite a good day, despite getting caught in a downpour-ish rain on my way to work and arriving with soaking wet and uncomfortably clinging trousers. Thank god we have a hair-dryer there. Got to leave at 13:30, lingered a bit at the Blasmusikfestival on my way home -- not the kind of music I ordinarily listen to, but it was a beautiful sunny, warm afternoon (after a couple of weeks of more or less constantly crappy weather) and all those groups in their colourful traditional clothing, Dirndls and whatnot, or colourful pseudo-uniforms, were very picturesque and even the music fit the mood. A cute group from a school in Tokio wearing black glittery cowboy hats with glittery gold hat-bands/scarves wrapped around, everyone took pictures of, and had pictures taken with, them. A tall, young, smiling Austrian military officer with a red beret as I was watching; surrounded by small Japanese girls. Two women in Dirndl from one of the Austrian groups taking a picture of a middle aged man in Trachtenanzug, also from their group, with two of the pink and white dressed, short-skirted and booted majorettes from the Slowakian group, admonishing him to hold the ceremonial flag he was carrying straight. Then, young guys who might have been from the French group, with their uniform trousers only, boots with spurs, t-shirts and suspenders down, also taking pictures with the majorettes.

And there must have been a society wedding or something like that, because in the midst of all this there passed a group of very posh dressed and be-hatted people. Later, they were standing on the infamous balcony, looking over the Heldenplatz.

And I'd been thinking of taking the camera along this morning. ::sigh::


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