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Nov. 12th, 2006

Almost another week since the last update. ::sigh::

One dentist appointment, and it appears I'll be getting braces at the ripe old age of 34 (note to self, fix date tomorrow morning). I'm not really sure what to think about that, but both the orthodontist and my dentist agree that it'd be good for the health of my teeth and not only from an aesthetic perspective, and one and a half or two years isn't forever...

No morning runs (one valiant attempt though, where I as much as biked to Schönbrunn, wearing my new, warm jogging trousers, but gave up when it began to rain before I could even get started). Between stress at work increasing due to the impending Christmas season and the cold (and even colder wind) I'm seriously not motivated to get up at some ungodly hour in the morning.

I've been practicing belly dance moves, though (Wednesday, yesterday and today, at least 90 minutes each time), so there was at least some exercise happening... The class continues to be frustrating, which I (would like to) believe is partly the teacher's fault and not only due to my own stupidity/slowness of comprehension/lack of talent - she almost never explains anything in detail (or at all; hand movements she just expects us to imitate, apparently; she's a little clearer on the hip/leg movements, but not much) and there is never enough time for me to think through the moves/steps. But I've decided that this is something that is good for me, my body-image and fitness, and that I want to keep doing, so I've already bought a book and a dvd to help me survive this semester and they gave me a much better idea which muscles to use, and how to do things correctly; my co-ordination is definitely improving, I think I've finally got the hang of the Egyptian shimmy, and even the shoulder shimmy starts getting easier. Last time, since she was asking for our input for the next lesson, I suggested she tell us how to link the various steps/movements, because so far I hate, hate, hate the 'And now... improvise!' part of the class with a fiery passion. I know I have major issues here, and this is my problem, but comfortable? If I weren't feeling so panicked every time, I'd laugh. I can't feel comfortable if I'm not at least half-way sure of what I'm doing. I hate making a fool of myself in front of others, and I feel that's what I'm doing then, and it paralyses me even worse. Right, issues galore.

Wasted a lot of time online, as usual, but finished M. Bulgakow's Die Weisse Garde & immediately started to re-read it from the beginning, because due to my utter lack of familiarity with Ukrainian history I was a little confused at first and probably missed a lot of details and nuances as a consequence. Lovely, lovely book, ironic poetic and brutal at turns or all at once, and such a wonderful language, as far as this can be said about a translation - which is brilliant in and of itself in this case.

Started to re-watch Buffy, but so far haven't come further than the middle of the third S1 episode. My days are just not long enough for the amount of procrastination that goes on in my life.

Speaking of re-watching, I still need a new tv show to fangirl over. Right now I'm sort-of watching House (like the characters well enough, the weekly patients and their mysterious ailments somewhat less) and QaF:US (like the Brian/Justin relationship, which probably comes as a surprise to no one who knows my history of fangirling emotionally messed up characters, and Emmet, Lindsay and Melanie somewhat, but once you take away the sex, it's the typical formulaic, faintly moralistic American television story-telling. Michael especially is the Moral Of The Story personified ::yawn::, and is it just me, or is the actor at least a little (more than a little in S1; things improved somewhat with Ben) uncomfortable with the sex scenes? Now I guess it's basically a good thing that there's crappy tv for & about every sexual orientation, but this doesn't help me with my quest for a fangirl-worthy show, and, oops this got kind of long for a parenthesis...) and keep wondering if it'd be worth downloading a BitTorrent client (now that I have a computer that could handle it) to get the shows that are not (yet) on German tv or European DVD releases...


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