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Marie-Louise von Motesiczky exhibition, another thing to strike off the to do list. Liked it.

Liked it?

And that's another strange thing I've been noticing lately - I don't know if it's because I've been moving away from academia for a while now and am losing the knack of being able to dissect everything mentally & verbally, or if I've found a different way of looking at and enjoying art that simply doesn't fit into the mental categories I used to have, but I've entirely lost the ability to verbalise my appreciation, even in my head. I can stand in front of almost every painting/work of art (withing a certain range, still, but the range is so much wider than it used to be) and, if I let myself, almost fall into it, because there's this power and energy in most good art, regardless of style or subject, but I can't explain it beyond that, at least not in a remotely adequate fashion. Books are still easier, but to translate mediums in my head like this seems impossible.

Sister and boyfriend have found another, more happily willing godmother candidate, which I guess is the best solution for everyone involved, except now that makes me irrationally sad and a bit jealous. Er, no, i don't pretend I'm making sense here, even in my own head.


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Apr. 28th, 2007 09:17 pm (UTC)
1. Sorry I've been absent, there was this big-ass event I've such a pain in the butt about. Everything was good, everyone was happy, it's OVER.

2. The photos you've been posting lately = OMG gorgeous.

3. Not that it makes any different now, but I think you totally had the right attitude about the godmother thing. You took their offer seriously and that's why you had to reject it, and, from what you write, it seems like they understood your motives.
Apr. 28th, 2007 11:04 pm (UTC)
1. - I *knew* that, only then I'd already clicked the submit button on the stupid baptism question, because apparently I'm so insecure that I need reassurance from every single person in my life on this, and, er. Sorry for bothering you with that when I basically already knew you were busy. Reassurance is still very welcome, though - danke!

And... glad everything worked out all right with the big event!

2. - We aim to please! :) Seriously, things like that with the tulips and the ferns... that's when I really, really don't regret buying the camera, despite slight issues in other respects.
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