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Surprisingly enough I actually survived this day.

The cleaning, which I'd kind of really dreaded went surprisingly well and un-painful. But then onto the second part, and this will teach me not to relax before I walk out of the door there. Assistant girl no. 1 starts putting the wire into the brackets on my upper jaw. A stronger wire, or so I'm told. She pushes. And pushes. It hurts. A lot. I whimper, etc. She asks me if I'm always that sensitive, then gives me those cotton roll thingies to bit down on, so that the tooth in question is more fixed. It still hurts, but somewhat less so. When she's almost finished there appears to be a problem with one of the brackets - the wire doesn't go into it, and eventually it comes loose. She says we'll have to glue it back on. Implication, the wire has to be removed and put in again. Right. Cue semi-hysterical break-down, crying, etc. Assitent girl no. 1 is understandably uneasy with a patient in full nervous breakdown mode, leaves.

Assistant girl no 2. takes over, starts by putting in the wire into the braces on the lower jaw. And, lo and behold, slight discomfort, brief ouch, but barely any pain at all, and the lower front teeth are always problematic, much more so than the ones on the upper jaw. She glues the bracket back on, puts the wire in. Virtually no pain. I even asked her if she'd used in a thinner wire, but no.

So, if I hadn't been so extremely embarrassed by my tearful hysteric breakdown (I'm kind of guessing the assistants are drawing straws to sort out who'll end up with me, and if they haven't they'll probably be doing it next time....) and if I were paying for this instead of my parents, I'd complain loudly that for the amount of money they're getting (and the whole thing is plenty expensive) I have to suffer through apparently absolutely needless pain caused by an incompetent or at least not sufficiently skilled assistant. As if I need more dentist-phobia.


I wanted to reward myself by skipping Spanish class, because I felt simply drained and exhausted after two and a half hours in the dentist chair before work, but apparently I'm too conscientious to do that. Because we might be doing that major grammatical thing that I'd be missing, OMG. So I'm going to reward myself instead by not putting in the six (!) rubber-bands tonight that are supposed to bring the jaw in the right position. Six. Gah.


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