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Very brief [or, that, at least was the plan an hour ago; than there was adding, and ETAing, and, um...], because I've got to pack and other stuff to so and I don't want to drive in the dark, but...

OMG, that was such a perfect episode.

And the Gwen love is back!

I can't even say how much I love Gwen right now, standing up to Jack and saying she'd quit rather than retcon Rhys. Because I half expected she'd do it. I didn't see how she could marry him if she did, but still kind of expected her to give him the pill.

I loved the whole Gwen and Rhys relationship in this episode! And Rhys yelling at Jack! Beautiful. I just sat there, laughing and laughing, because someone needed to do it. Brilliant.

And the tension in the relationship between Jack and Gwen, beautifully done.

The part with the alien whale, that was of course truly horrifying.

And it was nice seeing Jack get a bit emotional there. Not that it doesn't make up for all the other not-so-nice stuff he did and does, because people will be kind to animals and still treat other people as less than human, there's plenty historic evidence to that fact, but I believe that Jack is channeling quite a lot of guilt there, because while TW doesn't as a rule carve aliens up alive, it's not as if they treat them all that kindly, either. So if for once he's got a creature that's clearly harmless, or at least not harbouring any plans for taking over the world, and so obviously the victim of human abuse, this is one case where he can allow himself to really sympathise and wanting to save, instead of kill for once. (I keep thinking - none of the others has ever been away from Earth, they only see what gets washed up there, which, as Suzie said, wasn't the prettiest part; but Jack has and he knows that alien life can be just as wonderful. Doing what he does must cause quite a bit of cognitive dissonance for him.)

Well, that, or romance makes him all sentimental.

Ianto's grin when Tosh says 'because we're all sad and single'!

Although I think he got a bit thoughtful again when Jack became so emotional/possessive over Gwen. Aaargh. Need to re-watch, but can't now.

At least from a story-telling point of view I hope that after the ambiguity of the first episode they've finally cleared up now that Gwen does indeed love Rhys, enough to give up both TW and Jack for him, and will finally move on with the Jack/Ianto relationship where ever that will go. And sorry, Jack, yes, they're all very pretty, but this is only the start of the 21st century and you can't have them all. You'll have to make up your mind. Like, you know, Gwen did. (In the end I didn't put it in last week's review, because it seemed a bit sappy and more emotionally involved than I was comfortable with to put into writing, but what I kept thinking, was, be careful, Jack, don't break him; don't do this if you don't mean it... Not that Ianto is all that fragile, but what he doesn't need right now is to be a part of Jack's experiment in commitment and romantic relationships and get fucked over in the process.)

And, Tosh, stop it. If Gwen can have a relationship outside TW, so can you. Owen isn't the only person available and you deserve better.

More probably when I'm back and have had time to re-watch!

*rushes off to shower*


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Feb. 7th, 2008 02:36 pm (UTC)
Thank you! And have a nice vacation!!
Feb. 8th, 2008 05:48 am (UTC)
Thanks for the write-up! Looks like this season is turning out to be, you know, um, good. Which is very reassuring, after the huge number of clunkers they produced last season...

I still maintain that the only episode really worth watching last season was 'Small Worlds'.
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