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Feb. 17th, 2008

Seven updates in 40 hours? Who are you and what have you done with solitary_summer?

Meme, from sakirmo:

1. What were you doing at 8 am this morning?

2. How do you take your coffee?
I don't, mostly, since that stomach thing a couple of years ago. Certainly not in the morning, although the last few weeks I've been having coffee flavoured yoghurt for breakfast. Milk and sugar if it's coffee shop coffee, just milk for instant coffee at home.

3. What alcoholic beverages are in your fridge right now?
A bottle of white wine, I think, and a tiny bottle of sparkling wine left over from New Year 2006/7.

4. What was the last thing that you ate?
Yoghurt, bread, some kind of chocolate pastry thing.

5. Do you have a library card?
Only old and no longer valid ones from university.

6. What was the last thing you bought that was a waste of money?
Hm... the jury's still out on Alexander Revisited since I haven't got around to watching it yet; mostly, I guess, out of fear that it'll turn out as big a waste of time and money as the original version, despite all the amazon reviews claiming that it's vastly better.

7. Do you make an effort to be environmentally friendly?
I try to be; I but I could definitely make more of an effort.

8. Do you do laundry on a regular basis, or do you wait until you're turning socks inside out?
The determining factor is shirts, not socks.

9. What color are your father's eyes?

10. What type of natural disaster/severe weather event is most common where you live?
Rain/floods. Not so much in Vienna, though; rather in other parts of the country.

11. What's annoying you immensely right now?
Nothing, really. I'm feeling pretty zen.

12. What do you order at Subway?
Never eaten there yet.

13. What's your middle name? Are you ashamed of it?
I don't have one. Middle names are not that common here and apparently my father (who does have one, though: Julius) thought it was pretentious.

14. What was your first job? Did you like it?
Real, steady, not university projects related job? Selling tickets and souvenirs on the Donauturm.

15. What is something that everyone seems to have experienced, but you haven't?
Pretty much all relationship related stuff.

16. What's something you'd like to learn more about, but never have?
I'd like to have a better and less patchy knowledge of history. Lots of languages.

17. What clothing/shoe/handbag/accessory do you absolutely hate seeing people wear?
The kind of high heels that makes it hard for a woman to even walk properly.

18. What do you use to download music?

19. What are your thoughts on Tom Cruise?
Batshit, mostly. It even spilled over to Katie Holmes. But I'll admit I did like him a lot in Interview With The Vampire; I remember being very skeptical about him being cast as Lestat (would this be where I also blushingly confess to having been a bit of an Anne Rice fan back then?), but he surprised me, and I like it when an actor does that.

20. What was the last thing you bought off Amazon?
*checks accounts* John Barrowman's autobiography on amazon.uk; The Messenger Boy Murders and Lieutenant Samuel Blackwood (deceased). A Georgian Ghost Story on amazon.de.

21. What are your thoughts on sites like Facebook/Myspace/Friendster etc.?
I haven't seen a myspace page yet that wasn't an eye/earsore. Never even looked at the other two sites, which is probably my age showing.

22. If you could have one part of your body massaged every day, which would you choose?
A different part each day? My back, otherwise.

23. Do you have any trips planned?
Not at the moment.

24. Do you know how to knit?
Used to, 15-20 years ago. Scarves, gloves, jumpers... I haven't knitted anything in ages, but I guess I'd still remember the basics.

25. Do you remember what happened to you a year ago today?
*checks livejournal* Looks like I'd taken the week off. Watching Torchwood, judging from the entry on the 19th. Some things never change, apparently.



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