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I'm literally speechless. TW's plots may not always be the best, but the places it dares to go emotionally... I don't think I've seen any other show do that, not like this, with this openness and honesty, and no safety-net at all. And this is what keeps surprising me and makes the show special in my eyes, not the pretty people and the shippiness (*). Fantastic episode. Burn Gorman was great once again.

And the music... Not being a very musical person that's not something I usually notice, and I'm not even sure it was the music itself, but rather the way it was used in this episode, a bit... more insistent, less in the background, emphasising Owen's isolation, the not-quite-being-there aspect... it was perfect. Loved it.

What I didn't like so much - Jack is repressing the guilt a little too well; or at least I hope this is what he's doing. Really, really hope. I hated it when they asked Owen to hand in his gun and security card (but I already hated that scene in B5 when Sheridan sent Zack to retrieve Garibaldi's gun and link) and the way the team was treating Owen, demoting him to making coffee, really wasn't fair at all. It's not as if he's chosen this kind of un-life, after all, what about a little more kindness & compassion and including him - especially after Martha pronounced him safe and human? They really do eat their own, just a bit.

And I'm not really comfortable with how things are developing between Owen and Toshiko, partly because I think there's at least a bit of truth in what he accused her of, and partly because, to be very honest, him being dead and her being/having been in love with him... at least at the moment I find the whole situation creepy more than romantic.

(*) Mind, I'm not complaining... ;)

un_crayon_rouge? You'll love this one, trust me.


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