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Not that I disliked it... But a strange episode that I felt could have been much more emotional and dramatic than it was. The pacing seemed a bit... not so much slow as too even, the solution anticlimatic and too easy, almost as if they'd realised they were approaching the end of their 45 minutes and needed to come to some kind of conclusion, fast.

It felt strangely like exposition, which I'm pretty sure it isn't, because from what I gathered the last three episodes belong together, and I assume they'll be dealing with Jack's past and lost memory, and I'd have also assumed that the aliens from Sleeper would make a reppearance.

And it's frustrating and that they can give Jack and Ianto more screentime together than they've probably had in all the 22 episodes before combined, and still not have them one even remotely relationship relevant moment. I'm all for people behaving with a bit restraint in the workplace, but this was just... a bit odd. I did enjoy them simply talking together, when it didn't involve either a life-threatening situation or flirting/innuendo and I did get chemistry from them in this episode, although that might be part projection, even when they were sitting feet apart, but with so many Jack and Ianto scenes, for the longest time it felt like they were building up to something -- I expected either Ianto to end up another victim, with Jack finally betraying his feelings a bit (naive, I know), or, when that didn't happen, an emotional bonding moment over all the souls that escaped and victims that died, which clearly rattled Ianto, but again, nothing. The end. ::sigh::

The abandoned, decayed pool was a great location, though.

And if I were Jack I'd make Ianto wear that shirt all the time. Buy him a dozen maybe. The shade of red simply looks gorgeous on him, and I'm not usually one to find Ianto and his suits very attractive.

Who sent Jack to investigate the Nighttravellers? Presumably not Torchwood, because then he could just have answered the question, and it wouldn't have been a 'long story' either. Why be so mysterious about it?

Christina remarking on Jack's old eyes ('Is that a bad thing?' 'Yes'), and the implication that he doesn't belong anywhere, which Ianto isn't happy to hear. Still a sore spot, apparently.

And now I must really be off to clean the bathroom, which needs to be presentable on Sunday. ::sigh::


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Mar. 15th, 2008 12:31 am (UTC)

I hope you don't mind if I friend you. (I know your info page said no explanations were necessary, but I thought it only fair to introduce myself.) I stumbled on you somewhat randomly and enjoyed some of your Salzburg photos. So... hi.
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