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Eh. I've just been watching Jonathan Livingston Seagull which my aunt fell in love with last year and tries to foist on everyone since, and in view of our recently re-established relationship I tried to be diplomatic and said I'd watch it, but the whole thing is creepy in a way I can't quite put my finger on. Or maybe my mind is too literal for the movie to work for me even as a metaphor. It's a bloody seagull. I don't see the point of blaming seagulls for leading their seagull lives instead of trying out new flying techniques. And I don't see how it makes them worthless, as opposed to super-annoying arrogant special Jonathan. And I'm not even touching the Jesus analogy.

I just don't like those capital-m-Messages that hit you over the head with all their capital-m-Meaningfulness. I need things to be a bit fucked up, I need a dash of existentialism, good vs. evil, the meaning of life and all that. I need complication, not ready-made solutions.

And speaking of which, the therapist is surprisingly (surprising to me, because I constantly expect to be told, in a politely phrased therapisty way, to get a life, rather than that I should work with that if it helps me) understanding about my tv show obsessions, except then she suggested that I should think about what I could learn for myself from the relationships I was fascinated with. Then I thought about Jack and Ianto in Cyberwoman and every messed-up couple I ever shipped (not counting Sheridan and Delenn, who are the sane exception) and couldn't stop laughing for a minute. And then of course had to explain what Torchwood was about, and the whole Jack/Ianto thing, and, god, I was so embarrassed. ::facepalm::

I think I'll finish my tea now and then get off the internet & to bed and maybe finally finish Sorokin's Bro, to avoid getting accidentally spoiled for the TW finale before I can download it tomorrow.

And to make this post a little less pointlessly rambling...

::adds some music::



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