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I need to breathe. I'm not sure it's my favourite episode ever, because there's almost too much in it, too many emotional punches in too rapid sequence, too intense, but, dear god.



Toshiko and Owen. OMG. The only thing they get to do together in the end is die. Makes one really wish for more of an afterlife than a blackish kind of nothingness.

Jack... I can't even begin.

And the two missing years? Still missing. I thought maybe that was going to be cleared up, but no.

John? I'm guessing we'll be seeing him again, if there's a third season? And still probably something of a sociopath, but at least not that much of one, which really makes me feel a little better about Jack's past.

Ianto? Thank you for not killing him, at last. When he decided to head for the nuclear power station I thought that was going to be it. Just a bit more of a Jack/Ianto moment would have been nice, though.

And TW is really all about the emotions - the plot per se was over after about three quarters of the episode with Jack out of the freezer, everything after that was more or less dealing with the physical and emotional fall-out.

Oh, and... the 1300something deaths was obviously not counting all the ones between 25 - 1900? God. Jack really deserves a break. Possibly a holiday on a sunny beach with Ianto and Gwen and Rhys.

More when I've calmed down & rewatched & processed.


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Apr. 5th, 2008 08:39 am (UTC)
Seriously, *no one* gets buried alive for a thousand years and comes up sane.

I agree. For Jack the whole episode was just too much. Fragments had turned him into more of a person for me, with the whole waiting and aimlessly killing time, but this episode... Maybe the TARDIS energy changed something more than just his mortality? If he'd known he was going to be found he'd at least have that to cling to (although even then - almost two millennia!), but everything he got was the very tenuous hope of the ring's signal and the trust in his team to find him again.

Tosh was my second favourite character, but she couldn't have got a better exit, so I'm happy.

Tosh and Owen's deaths were both so wonderfully done, I can't even be angry with TPTB for killing them. There are shows I watch for the characters and shows I watch for the story-telling, and Torchwood (and DW) definitely falls in the latter category. If there's going to be a third season I trust them to come up with something that will move me just as much, regardless of the actors involved. I just hope they find someone that can adequately replace Burn Gorman, because he was absolutely brilliant this season.
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