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May. 11th, 2008

I'm not sure it entirely worked for me as an episode (how likely is it that they all killed each other several times over in seven days?), and to be honest it was a bit predictable, both Jenny's death as well as her eventual regeneration, but there were some really good bits (Jenny and the Doctor in the cell) and David Tennant was simply beyond awesome, it's fantastic what he can do with the character. Donna/Catherine Tate was once again great too, and maybe it's that it's easier to identify with someone a little more grown up who has a more adult relationship with the Doctor, but Martha pales beside her a bit, IMO.

Also watched the Ready Steady Cook episode with JB, even though I'm not really the cooking show kind of girl (that would be my sister[*]), and is there anyone he can't seduce in ten minutes flat? That kind of charm should be illegal.

[*] I'm more the pasta and pre-cooked/frozen meals kind of girl, although if I have a decent, not too complicated recipe I can actually follow it, as long as it doesn't require improvisation and/or inspiration. And birthday cakes. I can definitely do those.

Had a nice, very lazy day doing nothing much except well, that, and messing around with my Jack/Ianto fic, the first two chapters of which I'm now moderately happy with, and who cares if it never sees the light of day, I'm enjoying writing it, and that's important at the moment. Around 5 decided a bit of fresh air would be nice & packed up my camera and went out for a bit, took some photos, mostly of dandelions, found a very picturesque, village-like corner in the 12th district that I hadn't been to before, and mostly just enjoyed the evening sun and warmth-but-not-heat, which is pleasant, because for the last years the weather's always gone from long sleeves and coat to short sleeves and sweating within a week.

And tomorrow is a public holiday, so I'm really rather content at the moment...

Read (at work, I'll admit) Charlotte Roche's Feuchtgebiete, and although I did find it a bit crass occasionally, and after years on the internet and in fandom I thought I was pretty much unshockable, it's actually a rather sad story and does have its touching moments. Ich züchte Avocadobäume. Das ist neben Ficken mein einziges Hobby. Hu.

BTW, G. and that lectures of his I mentioned? He missed missed it last Wednesday because he overslept. It starts at 11:30. How stupid can you be? To no one's surprise but his he won't get any next semester.


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