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May. 15th, 2008

Briefly, because there is so little shippy stuff. Not that I watch TW for the shipping, but it rather does invite the rambling...

And I really miss writing. I miss having enough of a brain left in the evening to write, because these days when I come home I certainly haven't. Add a sentence that popped into may head at work to the fic-that-isn't-going-to-happen, maybe. (Work: boring, except when the Extremely Annoying Customer of the day coincides with the credit card machine freezing, yet tiring. I read a crime novel set in 19th century Istanbul between Saturday and today. Which obviously I totally shouldn't be doing. But there's only so much dusting I'm willing to do per day.)

Random Shoes seems to be the most generally disliked episode, but sue me, I still like it. It's not right up with my favourite 3(4) S1 episodes - Cyberwoman, Captain Jack Harkness, Out of Time, (Everything Changes) -, but it's not so far away either. It's maybe a bit slow paced, but I do love that it's not about the big Jack-scale drama, but the small failures, losses and misunderstandings that after all are the greater part of life. Sad, but very honest, and that's what makes the episode so poignant for me. The funeral scene always makes me shiver, because one does imagines that occasionally, and I'm pretty sure Eugene has, although he probably pictured it differently, but you can still absolutely feel his shock when the coffin is lowered and he realises that this is real. I guess when it comes right down to it what I love about TW is that it may be bleak, but it's never cynical or blasé and it treats all its characters, even the minor ones, with humanity and dignity.

And I love the bit with David Bowie's Starman. :)

Out of Time is still one of my favourite episodes. The stories are all so well done, the big drama as well as the small touches, and every time I watch the scene with Jack and John in the car part of me still can't believe that they actually went there. For all it's so quiet, or maybe because of it, to me that's still one of the most shocking things I've seen in any tv show.

What I'm still curious about is Jack's affinity to the WW2 period. It's not as if he was any less out of his time in the 1940ies and 50ies than in the 21st century, and yet he's the most genuinely happy in CJH when he walks into the ballroom, as well as, at lest at first, in this episode, drinking with John, whom he treats like a long lost relative or a visitor from home. After Fragments I thought maybe because of the relatively clear good vs. evil situation, which must have been a relief after all the moral shadiness of Torchwood, but admittedly that's a bit of a far-fetched assumption. The romance with Estelle? But considering that Jack decided he had to leave her, and sooner rather than later, there would have been sad memories connected with it as well as happy ones. Is it having met the Doctor there? Or does the general atmosphere remind him of home somehow? Or did it just seem a good idea at the time to the writers and there is no real reason?

Tried (but probably failed) to convince my mother that the one thing I'd like to do on/with my birthday is ignore it. I dutifully make cakes and turn up for dinner and whatnot for everyone else's birthday, but since this is mine I don't think it's too much to ask that I get to do (or not do) what I want. Grr. And sitting around with the parents when I know what they're thinking is that I'm another year older and still a failure while my sister is there with her daughter & boyfriend & doctorate... Sorry, but No. I don't need the extra depression.

[ETA: I love my sister any my niece. It's my parents' attitude that makes it so problematic for me.]


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May. 15th, 2008 09:44 pm (UTC)
I really liked Random Shoes. It was a bit slow paced but I like that sometimes and I think I took a shine to Eugene. I also have often wondered why Jack was so taken with the war years. Never really have answered my own question yet.

Thanks for posting your reviews...I've been watching (rewatching) series 1 along with you. I'm a terrible reviewer though.
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