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Jun. 29th, 2008

That actually worked rather better than I thought it would.

To be perfectly honest, my expectations weren't very high for this episode and I had a lot of doubts about the finale and how bringing all the ex-companions, their friends & families, etc, plus the Daleks, into it would work without it seeming rushed and crowded, but it actually worked quite nicely for me -- as a story, and not just as fanservice. As I've said before, I really prefer the slower, quieter, less action driven episodes, but the pacing and balance were good there, they all had lovely moments, and I really love RTD for bringing Harriet Jones back and giving her an heroic death instead of the rather ignoble end in The Christmas Invasion.

What I'm really curious about is what the last episode will mean for the Doctor. There have been two recurrent themes throughout the season: Procreation/children ('I have my children, Doctor. What do you have?'), which has been discussed a lot since the first three episodes or so, but there's another, less obvious one; killing; when and if it can be justified, or at least necessary. The Fires of Pompei, Martha's position in UNIT in the The Sontaran Stratagem/The Poison Sky, and her remaining there despite the Doctor's dislike for guns, the discussion about being a soldier and what the Doctor did in the time-war in The Doctor's Daughter, Harriet Jones defending her decision in The Christmas Invasion as necessary and right despite the Doctor's disapproval, before heroically sacrificing herself. The lines were a lot clearer in S3, despite he ending of Family of the Blood; The Doctor chiding Jack for pulling a gun on the future-kind, and 'As if I'd ask her to kill,' in Last of the Time Lords; the pacifism of the whole finale. Considering that it's rather unlikely that Rose will vaporise the Daleks again, I suspect this finale will contain some kind of hard moral decision for the Doctor.

Regeneration, though? As his old self, I assume, considering that from what I've heard the whole thing with specials instead of a whole series next year was because of David Tennant's schedule?

I'm getting really, really though curious what Donna's fate will turn out to be. Or who she's going to turn out to be.

And Jack? Be a little less cheerful when you leave your remaining team in the very real danger (none the less real for Gwen and Ianto heroically not telling him that they'd already been discovered and targeted) of being exterminated by the Daleks. You're not supposed to know that there'll be a third season of Torchwood.



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