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Jul. 6th, 2008

How to even begin? There were bits I didn't like so much, and parts that were absolutely, completely brilliant. The Doctor (v2)/Rose ending was rather lame, and I predict she's never going to be happy with him (and neither, I suspect, are the fans for whom this was written going to be), but the Doctor/Donna ending? Absolutely killed me. Couldn't believe they were doing this. So, so wrong and at the same time also very right... I loved what Donna's mother said, that she was special even without the Doctor, because it's true, and acknowledging what's been bothering me since ep.1 ('getting a little tired of all those women practically begging for their lives to be given some meaning by the Doctor', to quote myself) Still though. Completely heartbreaking. Conflicting urges of wanting to strangle RTD and abject fanish gratitude for having created these characters and stories like he did.

And it's nice to have been kind of right for once, even if it took me 12 episodes to pick up on it; the part about Davros confronting the Doctor with himself and his dark side, about what happens to his companions and the people who follow him, Dalek Caan's vision, and the Doctor fulfilling it; that part of the story was really strong, and very well done. It does pull back from the edge, in the end; neither Martha nor Jack are forced to go through with what they're prepared to do, and there's the division into two different Doctors, one of whom does, without too much thinking and moral qualms, the (necessary) killing and gets banished to an alternate reality for it, which I guess is as far as they could go and still keep the character intact and likeable, not to mention family-friendly. Sometimes the switch between the dark and the lighter-hearted elements seemed almost too abrupt, but I can see how for a family series you'd need to lighten the mood between the darker and more tragic parts. (I was thinking after Turn Left and the 'work camps' that there must be a lot of parents wishing back the time when the most difficult thing they had to explain was Jack kissing the Doctor...)

Of course I'd have liked to see a bit more of team TW and the time-lock seemed a rather boring solution, but I completely understand why this wasn't doable. (In my head, though, there's still a version where Gwen and Ianto actually get to meet the Doctor and Jack maybe looks at the TARDIS a bit too longingly, and Ianto grabs him and says, 'No, you don't,' and kisses him; something like that. Better still, the other way round. I haven't quite decided yet. *g*)

And I suppose this means both Martha and Mickey are going to be on TW S3? Not sure how I feel about that. (Better about Mickey, than about Martha, strangely enough.) I'd have preferred new characters to replace Toshiko and Owen, but OTOH I can also see the problem of introducing two completely new characters when you've only got five episodes. Still though. Not very happy. And if Martha is going to stay, she'll need a bit more of an actual characterisation. (Interestingly enough, Donna is the only one I could see fitting into TW without too many changes; both Rose and Martha were good in DW, but even Martha was a bit bland when she crossed over.)

What to watch over the next half year now, though? I rather enjoyed the old fashioned suspense & having to wait a week for the next episode instead of just mainlining a show via DVDs... When does Dollhouse start again?


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