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Aug. 1st, 2004

Fics I really wish someone would write...

... because, whichever way I look at it, fiction writing and I don't mix. At all.

... or even snarky cuteness. This is something of a pet peeve of mine - while I don't think Tyr/Harper is exactly likely to happen at any point, or, given Harper's past, emotionally healthy, to say the least, I'd not entirely put it beyond the realm of possibility either. On the one hand, while Tyr does begin to show some empathy for Harper, PWP scenarios aside, I cannot really see a convincing reason why he would consider a sexual relationship with him, much less an emotional one, to avoid the dreaded L-word, which doesn't figure in the Nietzschean vocabulary anyway. On the other hand, Tyr, having spent so much of his life away from Nietzschean society, is something of a wild card, and I guess it might be possible.

However, I don't see the - give or take a dose of angst and snark and a couple of Nietzschean wives - cuteness, true love & whatnot.

Possible, yes, but not pretty.

Undeniably they do have a connection, but in a relationship dynamic? Very simply put, Tyr and Harper most likely wouldn't bring out the best in each other, or at least not 'the best' in any sense except the Nietzschean one.

Harper, with his traumatic childhood, is always walking a fine line, and we get glimpses enough of his darker, more violent survivor side, which is almost constantly more or less forcibly kept in check by Trance, Beka, Andromeda or Dylan. In this respect he doesn't change at all throughout seasons 1-3 (4 I still haven't seen yet). Now If you pair him with Tyr, there'd soon be an end to that. What Tyr appreciates in him are exactly those qualities, and on this visceral level he does understand him better than any of the other crew-members; he would feed Harper's ego by telling him to go with his instincts rather than keeping them in check.

How many times would someone like Harper need to be told that regret is a wasted emotion?

And unlike Dylan, or even Beka, Harper is no ethical corrective or counterweight to Tyr, or would even attempt to be one, as long as who and what he cares for isn't threatened. As long as their interests coincided, there'd probably little Harper would stop short of, or at least not be prepared to turn a blind eye on.

Now if Tyr promised Harper to free Earth, how far would Harper go to help him?

I'd like to read a dark Harper/Tyr AU, where Tyr catches Harper in a vulnerable, emotional moment, perhaps after Bunker Hill, when he's angry for being left in the lurch by Dylan, and convinces him to help him sabotage the Andromeda for him, in exchange for a promise to free Earth. Slash or gen, because I guess it'd be difficult to strike a balance between genuine sympathy and outright (sexual) manipulation, not writing Tyr OOC soft or OOC sluttish. Although, this being Tyr, he's perfectly capable of having a wide variety of motives for his actions.

(I've actually gone as far as writing a few hundred words of this, but, well... doesn't really work out.)

The Things We Cannot Change

Perhaps not the most original idea ever, but I'd really like to read a story where the Dylan is, in fact, insane, and his restore-the-commonwealth, save-the-universe mission is a guilt-induced hallucination.

Given the twisted psychology of the show it'd be rather scarily appropriate,

"When the universe collapses and dies, there will be three survivors: Tyr Anasazi, the cockroaches, and Dylan Hunt, trying to save the cockroaches."

Oh, *sigh*. This is another one just begging to be written, and Andromeda is the fandom of apocalyptic end-of-time scenarios anyway. A Tyr POV, the Andromeda floating dead in space after a battle or other catastrophic incident, everyone, it slowly transpires, including Dylan, dead; Tyr hallucinating a cockroach sarcastically waving its antennae at him.

(Or not. It actually worked in my mind before I tried actually putting it into words.)



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