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Tired, and feeling rather blank and thought-less at the end of the third week of M.'s holiday. OToneH I actually like being by myself, without her; the responsibility, as well as having the leisure to actually sit down and read something if there's nothing to do. OTOH, on Monday & today I didn't even have a lunch break, and Tuesday and Wednesday only a very rushed one because R. was coming over, but didn't have a lot of time. Plus, it's hot, hot, hot (damn you, JB), and the electric fan doesn't help a lot, especially if one has to haul books around. Could actually feel my brain slowing down more and more over the afternoon until a complete sentence became a challenge.

As for the sitting down and reading part - one novel by Kathy Reichs (drearily boring, fast forwarded through it reading only enough not to lose track of the plot, and I much prefer the tv series version of Dr. Brennan), one by Simon Beckett (slightly, but not much better, lurid incest plot, and not too original - e.g., annoying reporter girl to forensic protagonist - 'I may know something, but oh noes, I can't break confidence, I can't tell you, woe, dilemma, but maybe I'll tell you tomorrow'; next page - annoying reporter girl: *dies in a fire*. solitary_summer: *yawn*), although in both cases the German translation certainly did nothing to make me like it any better. One by Jo Nesbø, which was high literature in comparison, and so interesting that I actually took it home to finish yesterday, but if you're got two gay characters, and one of them is the killer (or more precisely one of the two killers, albeit the rather more likeable one), and the other a drug addict and rapist who makes the killer look positively pleasant by comparison, you're doing it wrong.

Also finished The Fall of Valor, which was an interesting read, although with the (for a gay themed novel written in the 1940ies) obligatory tragic ending. The interesting thing is, it doesn't feel... necessary in a way, not stringent. A possible, but not an inevitable conclusion, and perhaps prompted by the consideration of publication. To quote Thomas Mann's (who apparently also had some issues with it) letter to Ch. Jackson, 'Anyhow, it is possible, and I could not say how to do it differently.' Which he was probably right about at the time, because, as E.M.Forster, who wanted to and did do it differently, and as a consequence found himself with an even less publishable novel on his hands, wrote more than a decade later, 'If it ended unhappily [...] all would be well [...]. But the lovers get away unpunished and consequently recommend crime'.

Still need to listen to Lost Souls, but there's my dilemma with audiobooks all over again. I don't own any, except for Thomas Mann reading Tonio Kröger, and I still haven't finished that, because I never know what to do with them. Car? I rarely drive, and then I prefer music. iPod? Don't own one. Computer? Difficult to focus, at least in the way one focuses on a book when one reads it, because I'll be doing all kinds of other stuff besides listen. Just sitting on the sofa/lying in bed and listening to an audiobook? Feels weird. Also, my decades old CD player seems to be broken. Other options? Can't think of any.

Oh, and regarding my whining about my sister's Traubenwelke paper? She writes she's suddenly a lot more enthusiastic about it, so I guess it was at least worth it. :)


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Sep. 12th, 2008 07:11 am (UTC)
I like to listen to audiobooks when I come home tired from work and I just want to close my eyes and not see a screen or words anymore, but I don't really want to take a nap. I usually fall asleep while listening anyway, but it's nice.

Hee, I'm just re-watching the first season of "Bones". I saw a Kathy Reichs novel recently in a bookshop, read a page, and thought "thank you, but no thank you".
Sep. 13th, 2008 04:32 pm (UTC)
You didn't miss anything. Book!Dr. Brennan is nothing like the the tv version, a lot more, for lack of a better word, normal, with daughter and ex-husband and boyfriend, and at least in the novel I was reading none of the other characters of the series were present...
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