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Sep. 24th, 2008

Things I will never understand. RTD's book about writing DW: on amazon.de € 34.99 (fee shipping); on amazon.co.uk - including postage and VAT - about € 27.60. And this isn't the exception, this is more or less the rule. The Russian dictionary I ordered was about € 5.- cheaper on co.uk too. Sometimes they do fix these discrepancies, JB's latest CD (or was it the autobiography, I forget; possibly both) was outrageously expensive on .de, but they went down with the price shortly after the release date, maybe or maybe not because I posted about this in the discussion forum, but most of the time UK imports are cheaper if you buy them directly from the British store. Can someone explain to me the logic behind that?


And... another music post, because I still haven't got anything intelligent to says & Sezen Aksu (and this song especially) is fantastic and makes me almost wish I'd continued with Turkish instead of starting Russian...


In other not-really news, my life is boring. Work & Russian vocabulary learning and TW fic writing, which (the latter, that is; the former is mostly incredibly, disproportionally time-consuming) is at once oddly satisfactory, because while I'm probably the slowest writer on the planet, sometimes it does work for me, that thing where something clicks in your mind and something that wasn't there before suddenly is, and characters get a life of their own, and the S1 chapters are getting closer to being finished [what for?]; and frustrating, because objectively it still isn't remotely good or what I want it to be and also probably really boring because I suspect it isn't fiction as much as a sort of missing scenes extended meta, filling in the blanks in my mind that all that metaing couldn't.

Bed now, alarm at six. ::sigh:: And I can't even really ride the stupid horse because that thingy where the stirrup strap is attached to the saddle is broken and the saddle is some super special custom made model that can (apparently) only be repaired by the guy who made it, which is a slight problem because he's died a few years ago. ::facepalm:: And call me a coward, but I don't really fancy trail rides without stirrups.

Спокойной ночи, friendslist! *g*



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