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Sep. 28th, 2008

Elections — and this is why I'm so jaded about politics. Dear immature twats ÖVP and SPÖ - I hope it was worth it. Have fun finding the next coalition. I'm sure working with HCS and/or JH will be ever so much more rewarding and productive. And how much did that election campaign cost us again? Dear 30% of Austrian voters, the usual suspects - I get you're frustrated. But regardless, fuck you. No, seriously. Dear Heide Schmidt - apologies. I should have, would have, actually stood in the Wahlzelle and reconsidered, but in the end didn't. I have a lot of respect for you personally, but it looked too much like a wasted vote from the beginning, and I haven't heard very much from or about the LiF for a while before you came back for the elections.

::deep breath::

Cancelled a planned museum date with R. and took a long afternoon walk on the Kahlenberg and Leopoldsberg instead because the weather was actually nice for once and I've had the urge to get out & into the sun ever since I've read the forecast on Friday. Probably shouldn't have bothered dragging the camera along, though, because it's all late summer/early autumn faded and dusty greens and washed out skies; not very photogenic.

I've been feel a bit blank lately, although not necessarily in a bad way; kind of like an empty sheet of paper, or maybe a sheet of paper full of Russian words, because what with all the studying I did recently my brain just keeps repeating and I can't make it stop. Throughout the whole walk today, unless I was busy with the camera, on and on and on, complete with orthography. Tried to switch channels to Jack & Ianto a couple of times, but even that didn't really work. ::facepalm:: So, no deep thoughts, no profound self-revelations, no angst, no anxiety (even about the job situation), no change, no nothing. In a way I'm feeling deceptively light and free, and rather good about it, especially after all that aunt related drama earlier this summer. OTOH I'm a bit worried about that lack of deeper emotions and vaguely wonder whether all that sudden Russian studying is some kind of escape mechanism, and maybe I really should shut up now, because that train of thought is really rather futile...


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