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Nov. 3rd, 2008

# Okay. After a panicky weekend I've calmed down somewhat & think I can face the interview on Wednesday with a measure of equanimity. I think.

Other than that the weekend was generally uninspired. I'd vaguely planned to go out with the camera on Sunday, but that was before Saturday's family get-together, which left me tired, stressed and not exactly in a mood for early morning photography walks. Slept late, which at least took care of Saturday's headache, and spent the whole day not doing a lot of anything, and a bit of something, and in the evening went to see Karl Schönherr's Der Weibsteufel with my mother; a bit too message-heavy maybe, a bit slow in the beginning, and a bit depressing (although OTOH for a Kusej production downright cheery) with a fantastic Birgit Minichmayr and something of a moral quandary at the end because you definitely caught yourself cheering for her as she manipulated her lover into killing her husband as revenge for how they'd used her.

# Really liked this week's Merlin. To be honest, so far I've mostly been watching with one eye while doing other internet-y things with the other, but this episode was actually quite good besides being slashy and adorable as usual. Good balance of fun and seriousness with just a touch of epic finally creeping in. Liked Morgana a lot and Anthony Head was brilliant (and clearly enjoying himself), effortlessly creepy with all those Luthor-esque power-games Uther is playing with Arthur. He at least had something of a point before, insisting that Arthur will have to learn to deal with people dying for him and can't risk his life for everyone, but this offhand do-as-I-say-or-I'll-have-them-executed cruelty was on a different scale. The tragic thing is that this seems to come so easy to him, with no regret at all, and he'd probably have Morgana put to death with as little regret if he knew about her dreams...

And I'm already getting too serious again. Sometimes I remind myself of the fasten/zip talk that Garibaldi and Sinclair have on their way to Babylon 4, where Garibaldi complains that he can't ever have a simple conversation with Sinclair that isn't about Life and Death... Is it completely impossible for my brain to be happy with a bit of mindless squee? Apparently so.

# It's saying a lot about Torchwood's visual and emotional strength (then again, maybe it's just saying something about my stupidity...*cough*) that with all the rewatching and meta writing it didn't occur me until yesterday when I was fiddling with my forever unfinished TW fic, however did Lisa manage the brain transplant? Never mind pesky medical details, at one point there she'd have been juggling two brains, with none in her head. Either head. Or was she enough cyberman that she didn't actually need a human brain to function? ::clutches at straws:: Hu. Or creepy. I don't care, though. Still my favourite S1 episode.

# I'll miss David Tennant, I think he is/was a brilliant Doctor, but this is one of the instances where I'm more exited about the story. It's funny, because last season especially there were quite a few episodes I didn't much care for at all, but I've been so caught up in the mythology of it, I don't even mind, I just want the story to go on...


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