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On a slightly more serious note, so as not to lump it all together in one entry with hip scarves and the Suzie look-alike hairdresser.

So there's a big crisis in the German car industry. Now, from an environmental, global warming. etc., perspective fewer people buying new cars they mostly don't really need, fewer people driving, would actually be a good thing, but at the same time it isn't, because, job losses, unemployment, recession, crisis, calls for government intervention, after decades of being taught that government intervention in economic matters is the Ultimate Evil. Generally speaking, fewer people buying less useless crap produced by people who work under horrible conditions half-way across the world would be a good thing, but global economy depends on it.

It's completely perverse, there's no other word for it.

Has anyone caught on yet that we need to rethink and reconstruct our economic system on a very, very basic level instead of just doctoring with the symptoms here and there?

About Proposition 8 I feel I don't have the right to say much, because so far in Austria there isn't even anything for anyone to try to repeal, not even registered partnerships, but mostly, this. Some subjects it's good to get emotional about.

Personal anecdote - I remember arguing about this with my mother a few years ago. Now my parents' marriage is the kind that made me wish they'd divorce for most of my childhood, and I still don't understand why they even got married, although at this point I can, from a psychological point of view, kind of understand why they stayed married, even if I still wish they hadn't. And there was my mother, arguing that gay marriage would somehow devaluate marriage. Right. And my father would almost certainly argue against adoption, because it'd somehow hurt the children. Growing up in this picture book heterosexual family with all the yelling and fighting and constant threat of violence exploding completely fucked up my ability to have relationships, probably for good, I'm starting to suspect, but god forbid children learn love and respect from two people loving each other, if those people happen to be of the same gender. God forbid.


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Nov. 16th, 2008 01:43 am (UTC)
I know what you mean. I mean, how, exactly, does it "devalue" or "hijack" marriage if two people of the same gender get married? It just doesn't make any sense to me. Everytime I'm confronted with someone who says they disagree with gay marriage, I just want to slap them and say, "If you don't like gay marriage, don't have one." I'm willing to bet that if gay marriage was secretly legalized (i.e., no news reports, nothing in the newspapers), nobody would even have a clue. Why? Because marriage is still largely a private thing. I don't care whether the people next door to me have been married for 40 years, or if they're "living in sin." People realy, really need to get over themselves.

I listened to a radio program about this yesterday. One of the guests was from a "marriage protection" organization, and he kept arguing that gay marriage would debase traditional marriage, and how it would hurt children to see two people of the same gender married, etc., but when the host of the program asked him for concrete reasons for his beliefs, he just kept spinning around in circles saying the same things over and over again without really being able to give any reason. If it weren't all so sad, it would have been funny.

As for the economic system.... The auto industry in Germany is in trouble. The auto industry in the U.S. is in trouble, and yes.. I think the entire economic system needs to be revamped. And all I can say about the U.S. system is that if the government decides to bail them out, too -- they really need to make some major changes in the sorts of cars they make. They need to stop making those horrible, obnoxious, gas-guzzling SUVs for a start, and they need to start putting real effort into building cars that rely less on gas, or that don't rely on gas at all. If they get bailed out and keep producing the same crap they've been producing for the last 30 years - I'll be really angry.

It also amuses me that the Republicans here have been all for these bailouts, while at the same time they scream "socialism" anytime Barack Obama's health-care program is brought up. Because, you know, it's perfectly okay to bail out big business so that the top executives continue to receive their multi-million/billion dollar salaries -- but heaven forbid the average person should have access to affordable healthcare. The Republicans make me want to throw up.
Nov. 16th, 2008 01:44 am (UTC)
Sorry... I think my comment ended up being as long as your post.

*steps down from soap-box*
Nov. 16th, 2008 12:31 pm (UTC)
No apologies necessary. :)

Sometimes soap-boxing is necessary, or at the very least it's good for the blood pressure. I rarely post about anything politics-related because most of the time it's so profoundly frustrating and makes me feel so helpless that it seems almost pointless. I remember, a really long time ago I was looking at some photography, a street scene somewhere in China with a gazillion people on bikes. And I knew then that if each and everyone of them was driving a car it'd be problematic, which of course is simplifying things, but at the same time it pretty much sums up the problem, doesn't it? And people are surprised now? None of those highly paid economists allowed himself to think about that?
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