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Two weeks, still no word from the potential (but apparently not) new job. Damn. I wasn't really expecting anything to come of it after the interview, but that doesn't mean I wasn't still hoping.

As for the current job, the boss persons are planning a Kommunikationsseminar, which is - on the one hand - good, because it means I'll still have a job post-Christmas, but OTOH... five evenings, late January and February, 19:00 - 22:00 (*yaaaaawn*), I'll miss two Russian classes or at least half of them, and one belly dancing class entirely. Not paid time, of course. No skiing holiday unless I'm planning it for January or March, and then it'd mean missing more classes. Grrr.

Someday I'll learn that despite what my mother keeps telling me, things are not 'meant to be'. Oh, rationally, I do know that, but on a more emotional level I keep falling into that trap. Same thing with H. last year. Someday I'll learn. Someday.

(What to do now, though? Random other bookshop where I'll probably end up in the cookbook section, which will bore me to tears? And I honestly don't want to spend my free time learning something boring like book-keeping. Some kind of computer course that'd at least look good on my CV? Find a new apartment first, though. That's the priority next year.)


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Nov. 20th, 2008 10:56 am (UTC)
It's perfectly acceptable for you to call the potential job and ask about the status of your application. It's also perfectly fine (though it takes some courage, I know) to ask for the reasons they chose someone else: was it your qualifications? What would they have liked to see on your CV or person that wasn't there? At least you'll *know*.
Nov. 20th, 2008 04:45 pm (UTC)
To be honest, I'm simply too embarrassed to call.

And I'm already 99.5% sure what the problem is/was - my very sketchy knowledge of contemporary art, architecture and art theory, all of which are their Schwerpunkt. I could only tell them I'd learn, but if they found someone who already has the knowledge they want they'll probably have figured it'd be faster to teach that person the ins an outs of working in a book store than the other way round.
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