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Unexpected completely free day since the niece is sick (nothing serious, just a bit of a cold, but no kindergarten, my sister took her to the doctor, and her boyfriend's at home, too...) and M. was adamant that, no, she'd manage, I didn't have to come to work for the couple of hours before B. is starting at noon.

Brought my bike in for repair, and if I'm that rude to my customers I'd either lose them, or get fired, or both. I doubt that at the end of November they're so swamped that they can't put up with my bike standing there for a couple of days.

Also bought assorted makeup stuff that I don't know how to apply and probably won't fit anyway for Saturday's show, because all I have at home is a tube of generic make-up and a very old lipstick. I'm handing in my gender, I think. Spent so much time selecting that I was pretty sure they'd have me searched before they'd let me leave the shop.

(Also, now that I'm actually looking at them, my eyebrows are kind of funny looking, but I won't start plucking them. Once you start with the hair removal thing anywhere it never, ever stops and I'm not going to start here too.)

And what about my eyes? I can't believe I'm actually researching makeup tips. So, no eye-liner for me, apparently. Maybe my sister will want it? And who is this person and what has she done with solitary_summer? But I hate to completely embarrass myself, although on the whole I hope that someone will take pity on me on and put the right colours in the right places...

Still no word (either way) from the the book shop that apparently doesn't want to employ me, so I finally, and after writing and rewriting it in my head for days, mustered the courage and sent an e-mail and asked. I love e-mail, I'd never have called, much too embarrassing.


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