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:: points to mood icon :: seriously so...

I'm sure there are kind and helpful policemen out there, and it's just coincidence that every single one I come across seems to be a fascist in the making who uses his uniform to make up for whatever his live is lacking in in other departments and enjoys the power it gives him in ways that make me decidedly uncomfortable.

For fuck's sake, we work door-to-door, so to speak, would it have hurt him to ask me politely not to lock my bike to the signpost? ... rather than threaten to have it cut off and thrown away as junk the next time. Do they think that because they carry a gun common politeness or even the barest minimum standards of human interaction can automatically be suspended?

And G*.... the less said, the better. I was amused before... now I'm pissed off. And vaguely annoyed that he forces me to have this whole highly theoretical drama. I'm coming out as, what, theoretically, potentially, probably bisexual. :: rolleyes :: This is so *typically* me, I don't know whether it's more pathetic or funny. Shouldn't I at least have something (or someone, rather) to show for all this fuss?

Maybe it'd have been the friendly thing to let the subject drop, but after a rather exhausting work day I didn't feel very charitable and I've had enough of this lets pretend it didn't happen and never, never an apology shit from my father to last me a lifetime. So I chose to make it very clear that he's the one with a problem, not I. If I embarrassed him by letting him know I told M*... no, I'm not particularly sorry. Not at all, really. Especially seeing as he apparently was in the process of convincing himself I hadn't really meant it anyway....


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