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Jan. 15th, 2009

*sigh* In a way flat hunting was easier in pre-internet times when you bought the Saturday papers and checked the adds instead of spending hours and hours and hours clicking through websites, reading descriptions, looking at photos, looking at maps, looking at the google satelite map, no, no, ye-- no, maybe, maybe not, possible, but perhaps I'll find something better, not really worth looking at, wrong layout, noisy street, etc. Of course it's nice, not to mention efficient, not actually having to physically go and look at every flat that sounds nice in the add and then turns out quite differently, but if you're perfectionist picky with a rather limited budget and have anxiety about making decisions generally and more specifically anxiety about possibly missing your perfect dream apartment when you're not checking every website every day, it fast turns into a time consuming hell. Well, purgatory. I've given myself time to be picky until the end of February, but after that - and presuming I haven't driven myself crazy until then, which is certainly a possibility - I'll probably do the equivalent of sticking a pin in a map with my eyes closed.

In conclusion, I'm getting old.

Ideally I'm looking for something on the third or fourth floor (a bit more light and more of a view after eight years on the first floor), no lift, which means cheaper, a few more square meters than the flat I'm currently living in, quiet (yard, not street). I can dream, can I? At least for another month and a half.

The really frightening thing is, though, how little my life has changed since I moved in here. And maybe that isn't true, because there have been some changes, even changes for the better, but it still feels so absolutely scarily same-ish, so stuck.


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