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Mar. 6th, 2009

Long time, no update, round two.

Mostly I've just been very, very tired. Last week my braces finally came out (three hours, one and a half panicky nervous breakdowns), and maybe that's another indication of how wrong my brain's wired, but when everyone expected me to be happy and whatnot... I guess a rational part of me was, but mostly I fell into this deep dark hole of exhaustion and feeling just very blank, which happens to me every time a stressful situation suddenly ceases to exist, or when something I've been looking forward to finally happens. Anyway. My mouth is mostly metal-free again except for two bits of wire behind the front teeth.

Didn't help that this was Monday morning and we had our final communication seminar that evening. Where we also did a short DISC test, and unsurprisingly I fell squarely into the C(onscientious), er, square, by a whole 10 point margin. *facepalm* And looking at the profile for C's, no wonder I'm having the problems at work that I'm having.

Fast forward through the rest of the week, work, belly-dancing class, horse, niece, dentist appointment, another orthodontist appointment, work until 5 pm on Saturday, brief photowalk through the Prater with a (another, that is) guy from the Vienna flickr group, then movie date with R. (Milk, which has its moments, especially where it reflects the whole Proposition 8 issue, but on the whole failed to pull me into the story, partly I suspect due to the incredibly grating German dubbing; it took me half the movie to get used to Sean Penn's 'voice'.)

This week has been a bit less hectic, but I still haven't really recovered. Got my removable braces for the upper jaw this morning, and gah. Still not pleasant. Now I suddenly remember why I stopped wearing them as a child.

Being Human eps.5 & 6:

The ending was fairly decent, but the problem was that at this point I simply didn't care enough for any of the characters. Different strokes, I guess, but somehow I never really managed to connect to BH, never got the warm fuzzy fanish feeling that Torchwood gave me from the start when I developed an instant crush on first Gwen and then Jack, and never completely disappeared despite the show's inconsistencies and weaknesses and the very occasional issue I had with it.

What I did like, in both eps.5 and 6, were the bits with Mitchell's old girlfriend, who is wise enough to see through his self-delusion of 'saving' her. And speaking of that, I have major issues with Mitchell's charactersiation in ep.5. Mitchell's been turned in WW1 - and the events of ep.4 was when he saw 'what humanity was really like'? Not back then in the trenches, during a war that traumatised a whole generation, not a couple of decades later with millions murdered and people killing each other in every gruesome way possible all over Europe and beyond? Not during every war, every genocide that happened since? Under what rock has he lived between then and now? And it takes a special kind of selective blindness to actually fall for Herrick's happy voluntary vampire brave new world lie without taking into account the food question, but then again people fall for pyramid schemes all the time. Pretty, but not too bright, and I'm simply not buying the century old vampire from him. Even after only six episodes Torchwood had a better grasp of Jack's immortality.

What I liked was the three of them confronting Owen in ep.5, and Mitchell and George's first meeting in the beginning of ep. 6; Annie's arc turned out quite tolerable, but I'm really not happy about werewolf!Nina. They'd better not use that as a convenient plot device for a happy relationship between her and George in S2.

And George still hit my embarrassment squick way too often in ep.5. But then judging from browsing through people's reviews I seem to be the only person to find the 'gayest ninjas ever' thing more embarrassing (bordering on the offensive) than funny... The humour, and I'm almost tempted to use quotation marks here, of BH is clearly another thing I simply don't get.

OTOH, I'm increasingly fascinated with Dollhouse. It's hard to be sure yet, but the show has the potential to be very, very interesting, and address a lot of questions about identity, humanity and relationships. I just hope JW is going somewhere with that in the sense that there'll be the metaphorical light at the end of the tunnel, instead of the all-encompassing bleakness of the AtS finale, because as it is the show is already incredibly pessimistic about the state of human relationships, particularly male/female relationships (cf. ep.2 especially). But other than with the first episodes of BH so far I never had the feeling that even for a moment he does not know how completely creepy and wrong the whole scenario is. (Or at least I hope I'm not wrong about that, because otherwise, ouch.) Buffy, Angel, even Firefly, they all were about the importance of friendship (much more than romantic love), but here so far none of the relationships (in the loosest sense of the word) are even real, even the ones that are something beside using/abusive.

Six hours of work, then weekend, thank god.


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(Deleted comment)
Mar. 6th, 2009 10:56 pm (UTC)
Thanks! :) I've got a whole weekend ahead of me, things are looking brighter already.

I suspect with my reaction to Being Human I'm pretty much standing alone, everyone seems to love the show so much. But somehow I never managed to really connect, and this is when I start to become nit-picky about details in a way I never would with shows I love...
(Deleted comment)
Mar. 8th, 2009 01:00 pm (UTC)
I'm sometimes weird like that apparently. Farscape is another of those shows that everyone loves and I simply never could get into, however much I tried.

Dollhouse, OTOH, is steadily improving, in my opinion.
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