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Apr. 12th, 2009

When I started to rewatch Buffy last year I wrote, although in the end I don't think I ever posted it, because my brain works something like this — I type a random thought while the DVD is on pause, and then look at it again later (days, weeks, months), and start to think that you just can't say it like that, you have to prove it, with extensive scientific data & analysis, which of course I never can, because the sample of shows I've been watching is too limited, at which point whatever it is mostly gets deleted, which I guess most of the time is for the best... Anyway. I wrote that it was a bit difficult switching between British and American shows because the whole mindset, the philosophy, was so different, and obviously I still can't prove that, but starting the day with Dollhouse and ending it with Doctor Who really is a bit odd, because the appeal is so different; it almost feels like each of the shows is talking to an entirely separate region of my brain.

Liked it, though. It might not be the most profound thing, or my favourite episode ever (I think I preferred the Christmas special), but it was fun and a bit dark with Carmen's shiver-down-my-spine prophecies about the coming end, and Malcolm clutching the keyboard to his chest - 'I will never surrender. Never', and having a total fanboy crush on the Doctor, and flying busses, and, wait, what, Lady Christina was Nimueh? Which proves once again that I have no memory of faces, because she didn't even ping my I-know-her-but-from-where-perhaps-I-should-check-imdb radar, and strangely enough I completely love this show even when I don't specifically like an episode or two. Torchwood engages my brain more, but in the end RTD always manages to almost always hit the right buttons, and the show is just so generally loveable, so epic, that nothing can quite make the warm fuzzy fanish feeling go away.

I can't wait until my niece is old enough for me to try to addict her.




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