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Lethargic, tired, sneezing & frustrated because of further complications with the new flat. But I probably/possibly/hopefully/I'll hear from him next week will be able to move on May 1st. Does banging one's head on the desk count as knocking on wood?

It's not captions when it's in the next post, right?

1) The yard I'm not going to see for very much longer from my windows.
2) Frida Kahlo being very gorgeous. Probably originally from vintagephoto.
3) Because I'm as creepy and stalkerish as the next creepy and stalkerish fangirl - I just tend to shut up about it in public. If I were they type to be inspired by anyone he'd be my inspiration.
4) Tatu on, I think it was David Letterman, around the beginning of the war in Iraq. The shirts apparently say something like 'Fuck the war', and no one noticed or checked until it was too late. I understand the war part, but we haven't got round to the rude words yet. ;)
5) The niece when she was two or three days old. And now she's all Tante Noni this, and Tante Noni that. Unbelievable.
6) un_crayon_rouge's former living room. And, not very visible, but still there, sculpture by me.
7) Cute baby birds. What's not to love?
8) Tatiana Totmianina and Maxim Marinin, a few years ago, Worlds or Europeans or Olympics, I can't remember. Now with figure skating I usually tend to like the more extravagant, less... classic choreographies, and Pairs has never been my favourite event, but this program, these two, they were just heart-stoppingly, breathtakingly, completely and utterly perfect.
9) Yours truly, a couple of years ago or so. There's a whole series, but in the end I never posted any of them because I wasn't happy with how I looked, although in hindsight it's not so bad at all. I wish I'd still want to wear that skirt, because it looks really cute with the DocMartens.
10) Picture H. sent me, when I still believed I was being flirted with, and didn't know yet about the whole married with kids thing. Yes, I know I probably should delete it. No, I'm not going to.


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