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Opening - really nice.

Lithuania: boring with stupid hat.

Israel: Not bad at all, and I kinda like the dresses. And the one with the curly hair looks quite gorgeous.

France: *Bad* dress, even if she's an icon. And looks kinda out of place there.

Sweden: Right, they weren't kidding about the brightness. Not particularly memorable, but not bad. Nice voice. And what's with the masks? Does there have to be one strange prop per song?

Kroatia: And once again the most memorable thing are the costumes. Whatever is that song supposed to be about? Because the background singers wouldn't be out of place in a Greek tragedy in those dresses.

Portugal: Um. I'm not terribly impressed with the singer.

Iceland: Yet another blonde chick with a boring English ballad. And they're wondering why the Eastern European countries tend to win?

Greece: Oh, dear. *hides face in hands*

Armenia: Well, that was at least original.

Russia: Liked it. Very classy, and at least there was a bit of genuine emotion.

Azerbaijan: awful, awful costumes, boring (English) pop song. They should have done what the Armenians did.

Bosnia/Herzegovina: Bit strange, but original; liked it.

Moldova: Maybe not the best so far, but frankly, I take the folkloristic numbers over the cookie-cutter boring English ballad or recycled bad English pop song any day. At least they're entertaining.

Malta: See above. *yawn*

Estonia: Gratuitous violin much?

Denmark: Booooring. Very strange singer, doesn't fit the song at all.

Germany: Ouch. Ouch. *cringe* But Plushenko worked for Dima Bilan last year, maybe Dita Von Teese will work for him, even though she was by far the classiest part of that number. And looked faintly embarrassed to even be there.

Turkey: Oh Turkey. You could do so much better. *sigh*

Albania: *stares* That's.... unique. *shuts mouth*

Norway: Well, at least he makes a better show of playing his violin. What's with the dancers though? Strange show.

Ukraine: Oookay. I really want to know who comes up with these ideas.

Romania: Are we finished yet? It's really kind of boring and same-ish this year. Now personally, I'd bring back the rule where they all have to sing in their country's language.

UK: Not bad, I guess. Nice voice. *is bored regardless*

Finland: Mostly they're not even entertainingly bad this year, they're all just so *uninteresting*...

Spain: See above.

My personal favourite is definitely Russia, with Israel coming second and Bosnia/Herzegovina third. (And so much for the Eastern European conspiracy theory.)

No guesses as to who actually will win.



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May. 16th, 2009 10:30 pm (UTC)
Norway it was. English lyrics, nice sticky chorus: a winner.
May. 16th, 2009 11:20 pm (UTC)
I know, I kept the tv on... Now Norway I can understand, but Azerbaijan and Turkey? Especially now that it's back to jury *and* audience voting? And Iceland was pretty average, too, IMO.
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